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Consider a Bus Rental for Your Next Trip or Event

Suppose you work for a big corporation and you’ve been assigned the task of organizing transportation to a conference that will be attended by the entire sales force of the company. You get somewhat of a break because the event is to be held in a local convention center. So, quickly you realize that ground transportation would be more than sufficient. Obviously, you don’t want to hire a number of limousines to drive the sales force to the event. One alternative is a Bus Rental.

Or suppose you are a member of a college fraternity and you are assigned the task of coordinating transportation for your chapter to attend a special event out of state in which members from all the chapters of the fraternity throughout the country will also attend. You consider a combination of ground and air transportation but you and the other fraternity chapters soon realize that a more cost effective option is a bus rental from a national bus charter service to bring everyone together.

There are all sorts of scenarios in which people have to travel to a particular location or come together to be a part of a special tour, or travel to a place where they may participate in a sporting event or church or social conference. With just a little bit of research you will probably conclude that renting a bus or a number of buses is the best method of transporting your group from one location to another.

Why Rent

There are so many reasons for a bus rental to provide transportation for any kind of group. They can include:

• Special events and Occasions
• Airport Transportation
• Corporate Transportation
• National Sports Events
• Family Events like Weddings, Reunions and Parties
• Convention and Trade Shows
• Exclusive Casino and Wine Tour Trips
• Specialized Tours and Sightseeing
• Church and School Field Trips
• Promotional Events

So once you conclude that the best mode of transportation is a bus rental, then you need to take the next step and identify a bus company or charter bus company from which you can rent. One method to identify companies can be to visit the website of IMG Coach (http://www.imgcoach.com).

IMG consists of independently owned tour and charter bus companies that have created a network that offers all sorts of travel services. Companies involved in the network operate more than 7,000 vehicles in North America and service more than 21 million customers.

While doing your research keep certain things in mind. How long has the company been in business? What associations does the bus company belong to? How many types of buses can they supply? Do they have on hand deluxe charter buses, executive tour coaches, luxury limousine buses, deluxe entertainment coaches, mini buses, and double decker buses?

If the trip is expected to be somewhat long, then you may want the bus rental to provide entertainment. Many of the more plush models like the executive tour coach, luxury limousine buses, deluxe entertainment c

oaches include such modes of entertainment as videocassette recorders, DVD players, CD players, etc. And of course most are equipped with public address systems so that announcements can be made or tour information can be given. Of course, the buses have restrooms. But if your group includes anyone who may be physically impaired, you may want to be certain that the bus you rent has a wheelchair elevator.

Of course, you will want to research the bus companies’ safety record. I wrote a previous article on this subject. I advise that you read it to get ideas on how to check this out.

Questions To Ask

When researching a bus rental company you need to be prepared to ask a variety of questions the answers to which will give you more of an idea about the company you are considering renting the bus from. You know the people who comprise the group that will be doing the traveling. You know what their needs and habits are. So be certain that you will be able to accommodate those needs. For example, a number of people in your party may smoke, so you want to make sure that it is all right to smoke on the bus. Many may want to indulge in a drink of an alcoholic beverage. In this case, you want to be certain that it is all right to serve alcohol. Ask about the buses like what do they look like and what kind of features do they have. Find out how far in advance you need to reserve a bus. Ask about the cost of renting the bus and how that figure is determined. Find out if there are other costs involved. That could include parking and toll fees, whether you are expected to pay for the bus driver’s lodgings and tip, etc. And many companies have a processing fee to cover administrative costs and costs of refunds and cancellations. Make certain that there is a procedure that would allow you to change plans like the dates you will need the bus or changes in the itinerary and ask about the company’s cancellation policy.

As said, there are very many scenarios one can imagine when bus transportation is probably the most efficient way to go. No matter how long or short the trip may be, memories are being built that you can share with those who accompanied you for many, many years to come.

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