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Graco Baby Products

Graco is known for its strollers. In 1953 Robert Cone and engineer David Saint began Graco. Their first creation was the Graco Swyngomatic®, the first infant swing. This was in response to a co-worker's complaint that his wife swung the baby in her arms for hours the previous night and was exhausted. Graco expanded its offerings to include strollers and now has a large selection of single, dual, jogging sport and travel strollers. Graco is committed to providing products that are safe and comfortable for their customers.

There are so many great features of Graco strollers. The styles of strollers include light weight, full-size and double. As an example of a full-size Graco stroller, they examine the features of the Quattro Tour Stroller. This stroller is easy to maneuver with solid aluminum construction. The stroller folds easily using just one hand. This is important because most mothers will be holding the infant or toddler with the other hand. There is an easy-access drop down basket, two cup holders for when either of you is thirsty and a rotating canopy. Safety features such as one touch brakes and infant neck support assure the customer that all is being done to keep their child safe and at ease. An innovation that has been well-received is that this stroller accepts all Graco Snug Ride Infant car seats or Infant Safe Seat car seats. This allows a mother or father to place the whole car seat into the stroller without walking the child.

Sometimes, a lightweight stroller is the perfect choice for quick errands. The Graco LiteRider® Stroller closes in seconds using one hand, has a child's tray and parent storage. The canopy offers a peek-a-boo window so that the baby can always be seen. Again, this stroller accepts all Graco Snug Ride Infants car seats or Infant Safe Seat car seats.

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