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Wedding Music - What You Need to Know

Although it is important to have specific types of music in your wedding, this does not mean that it is too difficult to choose how to go about things.

There are two types of musicians that you should consider for a wedding: an orchestra, or a band. For an orchestra, you don't actually need an orchestra or chamber ensemble. A quartet is sufficient to play orchestra-like music. Why choose this type of music? For one thing, violins make women swoon. It is a weird thing. They usually don't pay attention to violins in other settings, but all of a sudden, if your violinist plays an adaptation of some Shania Twain love anthem, their panties fall off. Which is exactly what you want.

But then again, what reason is there for not having a quartet? It may be that violins actually give your bride the fingers on chalk board feeling. Or, you guys may prefer a regular band.

A band is usually cheaper, and capable of covering pop songs with more ease. Orchestras, even quartets, are usually incapable of improvisation to come up with an arrangement for a song heard on the radio. This is not to deride string musicians, but they often go by the book and do not have a particularly creative streak.

A band, on the other hand, plays things fairly simply. If you know the basic chords of a song, and the vocalist knows how it goes, then you are all set.

Now, you would have to choose particular songs for your purposes. You ought to prepare at least two dozen songs or pieces, apart from possible requests that the wedding guests or the bride and groom may have. It is suggested to have a unique set list that matches both the bride and groom's musical tastes. She may not like Motley Crue, but she would be okay with a rock ballad, which the groom loves. The end result of the choice of songs would seem to define the couple.

You may even play actual 'anthems' or love themes that tell the story of the newlyweds. This may include the bad times in their relationship, which in hindsight seem distant and actually funny now. Perhaps there is a breakup song that caused the girl to punch the guy in the face. But after a reconciliation, it has become a classic memory among your circle of friends. Put it in! Inside jokes are the way to go.

Do not stray too far from the mainstream. Although the bride and groom may like something quite obscure, it would be better not to alienate the audience completely.

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