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Add Chutzpah To Post V-day Rendezvous With Your Beloved

For all you love sick morons, Valentine’s Day is the day to try your skills to woo the best gal in the town. Wild parties, incessant song dedications to gain her attention, getting their jive steps perfect while gulping those tequila shots are the way to go.

It may happen that your beloved turns up in the morning for another surprise. Be prepared to welcome and woo your beloved post Valentine’s Day less the muck.

Fix All The Leftover Food

The first thing to do in the morning is to clean the mess in the kitchen. Collect all the leftover food and bottles and dump them out. Get the sitting area cleaned and spray room freshener for a positive feeling.

Get The Pals Dropped

Pals who stayed overnight at your place need to be dropped. Drop them first and then start with your cleaning operation. If you wish you can even seek their help in cleaning. Ensure their presence is restricted when your beloved is expected to come.

Convert Your Bachelor Pad As Home

Make way for the couches and keep recliners at bay. Get cracking on your mates to help clean up the mess and make way for your love life. Get the entrance of the home decorated with bright sunflowers and daisies as they symbolise positive energy. Tuck in some fresh cut orchids and sedums in the bedroom. Highlight the sisals with neatly done ribbons at the bedroom window.

Take A Breath

Hit the spa if you need to rejuvenate. Take your beloved along in order to spend some quality time together.

Try to spend more time with each other post the Valentine frenzy and avoid social gatherings and hanging out in bunches. This will help you in bonding. Gift her a bunch of kaffier lily teamed with allium to her before hitting the spa.

Strictly Come Dancing

After the wild and romantic Valentine’s Day, let your emotions settle down a bit. Invite your girl for a quiet evening over Salsa moves or classic movie and Italian penne. So keep some flowers that symbolize romance in the living room area. Put flowers like red roses et al in all corners in order to have a romantic feel. Flowers like bunches of pink orchids and red roses also stay fresh for longer hours.
So be prepared to sway her off her feet once she hits your home post Valentine’s Day!

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