Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

Building Construction Software - Advancement in Building Construction Scenario

Building Construction Software is the software that is used to resolve and manage the building construction issues like cost of construction, the type of material used for construction, total budget and the time required to complete the construction project starting from zero up till its end. This software consists of multiple modules installed in it which helps at each and every step of the construction; from cost issue to selection of material to cost management problems. It helps in collecting the clients' requirements of the time to complete the project, the cost involved and the quality and standard of the material to be used for construction.

This software manages the record for the bids made for a certain project, billing agenda of the project, order status including accept, reject or update status. An important advantage of using this software is that all the records are maintained on a computer system, thus removing the need for paperwork and the fault of duplication of data. It also helps in making an estimate about the time and period required for the completion of a construction project. This software generates project specification reports of the cost estimates, transmittal, insurance of the project and also produces contracts that are to be signed and accepted between clients, contractors and suppliers of the construction material.

This software also efficiently collects the complex structural details of the projects from the data provided to it. There are six phases of using Building Construction Software which are:

1. Conceptual Design phase
2. Engineering phase
3. Detailing Design phase
4. Fabrication phase
5. Construction phase
6. Maintenance phase

The drawings and 3d models of the project are also generated by this software alone, hence eliminating the need of using different software. The Building Construction Software has opened new horizons for the builders, architects and contractors to take advantage from the latest software technologies.

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