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Gift Idea Naughty Valentine Time

Ah, the month of the hearts. Statistics say that February is one of the few months where most women conceive their babies. So why fight the numbers? Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to go out and act like giddy teenagers once again long after your married.

Of course, for those sexy nights with your husband, you might need some tools to help you. Below are some naughty Valentine's Day gifts you can give to each other, and watch the spark fire up the naughty, sexy you.

• A bath set - nothing is sexier when you both are in the bath, rubbing and cleaning each other off while having a little bit of naughty fun. For husbands, a bath set is one of the sexiest Valentine's gifts for girls that you yourself can also benefit from. Start or end the night with a steamy shower or a soak in the tub.

• Aromatherapy oils - Hubbies, for one of the most romantic Valentine's gift ideas for her, get her aromatherapy oils with different scents. Set the mood with a dim light and a whiff of that aromatic oil wafting around the mood. You're sure to arouse -pun intended - the sexy vibe from your wife, one that you've wanted to see for a long time.

• Chocolate - don't just buy her one or two boxes of chocolate. Fill the room with a lot of that aphrodisiac, on top of the table, on the bed, on the floor, or even in the bathroom. This is one of the most delicious Valentine gift ideas for her and one you'll never regret. For decorative purposes, choose those chocolate balls wrapped in bright-colored paper so you can just throw it anywhere and pick one to eat. Take turns feeding each other. There's no other perfect reason to pig out and still feel sexy at the same time.

• Tee for 2 - for the sexiest Valentine gift for girls, buy one of those two-person T-shirt where you can both get into, where you can't run away from those sweet cuddles with your wife. After trying it on, you'll want nothing more than taking it off for the next stage of the night.

• Lingerie - for a treat both for your wife's body and for your eyes, shopping for new lingerie is the ultimate in the list of naughty Valentine's Day gifts. Just make sure you know her measurements correctly. You'll get a treat seeing your wife in that sexy outfit, but you're sure to get more of that excitement when you see her taking it off just for you.

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