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Rebuilding Credit With Bank Secured Loans

You have two main borrowing options for rebuilding credit bank secured loans. You can either take out a large amount of money using your home as collateral, or you can use a CD as collateral.

When you take out a large amount of money using your home as collateral you can use it for home improvement, or paying off old debts to get rid of them, which will also help clean up your report and improve your score. Of course, the biggest down side to this option is that if you fail to make your payments each month you risk losing your home. Also, a large factor in calculating your score is the amount of debt you have versus the amount of credit available to you. It will take you a while to pay this off and really improve things. Of course, having built this long history of on time monthly payments will make a great improvement in your score!

Another, simpler, option for rebuilding credit bank secured loans is to use a CD as collateral. You will really want to open up a CD, certificate of deposit, specifically for this. Not every bank has this option so you'll want to check with yours first. Certificates of deposit are accounts where you deposit a certain amount of money, typically at least a thousand dollars, and agree not to withdraw the money for a set amount of time, this could be for six months, a year, eighteen months, etc. During this time your money will grow at a higher interest rate than you would with a typical savings accounts. You can use this account as collateral and borrow the amount of money your CD is for. Of course, this will have a short repayment schedule (set to the day your CD finishes aging) but is a great small way to get some history of installment payments and make you some money at the same time.

These are two very different ways that you can work on rebuilding credit with bank secured loans, the most important thing in either case is to make sure you make all of your payments on time each month and don't get in over your head.

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