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Successful Golf Club Fitting

Being an effective golf player requires a perfect blend of two things - the player's skill as well as the quality of the golf equipment. The most essential equipment any player must have is the golf club. You have to take steps to make sure that your club set properly fits your physical characteristics, body type, swing speed and strength. Hence, it's very important to get a proper golf club fitting. As soon as you are able to locate a qualified fitter, schedule a session with him or her, and know the basics of club fitting so that you'll know what to expect.

1. Male or Female - Gender matters. The majority of clubs are available in standard lengths that fit the mainstream golfers, and are dependent on the gender of the player. A difference in body types and sizes identifies the length of the clubs, among other things.

2. The Club - The length of the club is largely dependent on gender and it also has an effect on how far the ball will go after coming in contact with the club. Having a longer club will make your ball go a longer distance. Keep in mind though, that things aren't as simple as buying a longer club. Your club must be properly fitted to your height.

During the golf club fitting, there are two measurements needed to get a club that is compatible with you. One is your height and the second is the distance from your wrist to the floor. There are also some minor factors that will be considered such as the depth when you bend your knees, arm length, and your overall height.

3. Your skill level and age - To properly get a custom fitting, your skill level and age will also be considered to get the proper specs for your flex. Flex refers to the stiffness of a golf club. Flex greatly affects the swing speed, and this is directly connected to your handicap and skill level. These factors will also be considered when building your long irons and woods.

4. Grip - Your grip size will also be measured. This is largely dependent on your hand size. Getting a proper golf club fitting will not only make your game more enjoyable and comfortable but will significantly lower your scores!

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