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Ten Chocolate Gift Ideas

Who doesn't like to get chocolates for a gift? Perhaps that is why chocolates have been a favorite gift for many occasions over the last two centuries. From the first time that chocolate bars were created and enjoyed, to the most expensive gourmet chocolates created by incredible chocolatiers today, this delectable delight never fails to please anyone when received as a gift!

Today, many events celebrated worldwide include chocolates, from the sweetened drinks through to the desserts. However, perhaps the most popular event of chocolate gift giving remains giving chocolates during Valentine's Day.

It is during that period that Belgian pralines, luxurious Swiss chocolates by the pound, and even basic chocolate candy bars such as Snickers, Kit Kat and various Hershey products become popular chocolate Valentine gifts. And in recent years, expensive gourmet chocolate and delectable custom treats have become increasingly popular. So whatever the budget, whatever the occasion, there is sure to be something delicious to give as a chocolate gift!

In order to save some time in choosing something spectacular, here is a Top Ten chocolate gifts list that you might want to consider for Valentine's Day or any other occasion:

1. Christopher Norman Hand-Painted Luxury Tea Collection - this gourmet chocolate truffles are flavored with a variety of teas, enrobed in dark chocolate and hand painted. This chocolate collection is priced at $45.

2. Jacques Torres Chocolate - Master chocolatier, Jacques Torres offers a wide variety of Valentine chocolate treats. His collection includes champagne truffles, edible chocolate body paint, and his Sweetheart collection.

3. Godiva Valentine's Day Box of Chocolate - this is considered as to be one of the icons of chocolates.

4. Lake Champlain Chocolates Grand Valentine Box - includes 22-piece assortment of chocolates such as truffles, creams, caramels and bark.

5. Recchiuti Confections Valentine's Box - Michael Recchuiti, who proclaimed himself the Picasso of chocolates, created this Valentine's box that includes 32 chocolate pieces infused with herbs, spices and teas.

6. Chocolove Chocolate Bars - These allow you a little bit different spin when giving these as a gift. The chocolove bars are wrapped in paper that can be used for writing a love note.

7. ZChocolat - Their Valentine's Day Chocolates - is a chocolate gift with all the works! Includes packaging and design that is gorgeous and you can have it personalized with engraving and other accessories for the right price.

8. Nantucket Chocolatier Valentine's Boxes - When choosing this chocolate gift, you know you will shine! It is a tower of three heart-shaped boxes that include truffles, chocolate-covered cranberries, creams, nuts and other gourmet treats.

9. Lindt Valentine Collections - Lindt is one of the most popular Swiss chocolate companies which offer a variety of beautiful Valentine packaging for chocolates that include truffles and bars. Your gift can come in gift baskets, heart-shaped boxes and teddy bears.

10. Ghiradelli Chocolates - These are chocolate squares which are small one-inch bites flavored with mint, caramel, and white chocolate among others.

So whether it is for a holiday, Valentine's Day or any other occasion, there is always a perfect chocolate gift just waiting for you to choose! Simple or elegant, budget or over the top, you can have chocolates delivered and be sure that you will get a sweet result!

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