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Renovation and New Construction Fireplace Hearth Ideas

Did you ever try to figure out what would be a perfect fireplace to accent our room only to fumble without a clear picture of what that might be? Do you need a few fireplace hearth ideas? If you answered yes to these questions, you've started reading the right article.

First and foremost, when it comes to flammable materials, you have to make sure that you get everything correct. You are going to be handling fire, so no matter what you might think is a good design. Your first challenge is figure a way to keep it from igniting, that it is up to code and inspected and that whether you get a contractor to put it in or do it yourself, that all the materials and building construction is good quality.

Fireplace heart ideas abound, but stone is the first and obvious choice. Flag stones can be used, with irregular shapes that extend out into the room. Patterns and designs can adorn the stone, even cutting out the homeowner's country, state or county of birth carved out of the stone pieces. There is a wide variety of stones to choose from. A personal rock collection would also serve as a beautiful enhancement.

Another popular hearth idea is to use tiles that can be mixed and matched with patterns that form either an orderly or disorderly pattern depending on personal preferences. This is where you can exercise your creative touch and express your inner personality. Regardless of which path you choose, make sure the stone is good quality and the tiles that you choose are heat resistant with mortar that is heat resistant rather than the garden variety mastic. While a contractor will more than likely know this, you should double-check.

Metal has also been used, although a bit more rarely than stone or tile. If you are looking for something unique, this might be the way to go. You will create something that is the envy of guests and friends. There is a diverse selection of brushed or patterned stainless steel designs hammered out of aged copper and brass. You might even consider combining metal with tiles or use metal tiles, adding stone and metal tiles together. It's up to you. Remember, though, that metal conducts heat better than ceramic or stone, so you'll have to be careful about touching it.

Wood is an option, although further back and away from the fireplace opening to insure no accidental fires occur. While the wood can be part of the hearth, care should be taken that it isn't placed too close. These are just a few of the hearth ideas available. Check with your local building supply store for more.

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