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Safety of Baby Products Gives Peace of Mind to New Moms and Dads

Any woman who has been pregnant can confirm that pregnancy is filled with worries. Granted, some of these worries are unfounded, but moms-to-be and dads-to-be often fret about anything that seems or feels out of the ordinary. To ensure that the pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible, most women seek out the latest and best pregnancy information, adjust their lifestyles to optimize the health of their babies, and get regular prenatal care.

Among the most enjoyable activities during pregnancy are choosing baby products and registering for gifts for baby showers. If couples have already chosen baby names, it's especially exciting to receive personalized gifts for their newborns. In the midst of planning for a new baby, though, new parents often overlook one crucial element of baby products: their safety. Knowing which car seats, cribs, strollers, furniture, and clothing meet stringent safety standards can go far in providing new moms and dads with peace of mind.

Recalls of Baby Products

Whether buying baby products for your own infant or choosing a gift for a baby shower, your first stop should be the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. (CPSC). The CPSC has the latest information on recent recalls of dangerous baby products - information that is crucial to have before you begin shopping. For example, the CPSC recently issued a recall on a stroller with double seats because children in the add-on seat could touch the rear tires, which poses an abrasion hazard. Similarly, a manufacturer voluntarily recalled children's parka jackets, which had a hood drawstring that posed a strangulation hazard. And a major mass merchandiser pulled over 200,000 toys from their shelves that had either lead paint, sharp points, or choking hazards.

Car Seats

When it comes to infant car seats, your best bet is to buy a brand new car seat. Used car seats may seem more economical, but they may not be safe. If a car seat is more than ten years old or has been involved in a crash, it may not be structurally sound. Similarly, car seats have an "expiration date," so double check that the car seat you buy is up-to-date. Resist the temptation to buy a seat that your infant will "grow into," as he or she can slip out of car seats that are too large. As a reminder, infants should ride in a rear-facing seat until they're at least one year old and at least 20 pounds.


New cribs are always the best bet for meeting the latest safety standards. These standards include making sure that the distance between the slats is no more than 2-3/8 inches; that the mattress fits snugly into the crib; and that the top of the side rail, when at its lowest position, is at least 26 inches about the mattress.

Selecting baby products and receiving baby products as gifts is exciting, as it adds to the anticipation of the day when your new baby will arrive. And, by making sure that the baby products you choose are safe, you will have one less thing to worry about!

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