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10 Romantic Valentine's Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine's Day is coming fast and you need to think of a wonderful way to show your love to your sweet girl. I've got ten ideas ready for you to use "out of the box" to impress your sweetie and make her the happiest girl in town.

1. Roses: Roses are timeless, sophisticated, and classic all by themselves. A dozen roses speaks love in ways like almost nothing else. But you can make your roses even more special. The most obvious way is to choose roses of a different color than red. Choose colors that are significant to the two of you. Or send 10 red roses and two white roses to symbolize the two of you and the power of your love.

You can also make your roses an unforgettable gift by placing a pearl inside each rose bud. As the rose petals unfurl each will give her an extra surprise. When she finds all the pearls take her out for a night on the town. Start your evening off at the jewelry store - have the jeweler put her roses together into a beautiful necklace. She'll treasure this long after the roses are gone.

2. Other Flowers: Your love may prefer other flowers to roses. Visit your local florist, or shop online for a beautiful bouquet to send to her. You might be able to find one with a sweet stuffed animal included. There are not many women who don't love an adorable stuffed animal from their prince charming!

3. An Edible Arrangement: These "bouquets" are not to be overlooked in your Valentine's Day planning. They're made up of several different kinds of fruit dipped into divine chocolates and other tasty candied dips. Plan a romantic evening for the two of you and enjoy chocolate-dipped strawberries together with a glass of bubbly champagne.

4. Give Her Favors for a Year: Plan out a "coupon book" of things you know she'll love. You can plan out different things for each month of the year. Some suggestions are a back rub, cleaning the kitchen, washing the car, taking her out shopping, a night at the theatre, etc.

5. Mail Your Love: A twist on the above is to prepare love letters - maybe one for each week of the year, or a short note for every day of the year. Package these all up in an old-fashioned brown paper wrapped box and tie off with twine. Mail it to her with a note on the package that says "Do not open until Valentine's Day." She'll melt when she opens it. This gift is inexpensive and it shows true devotion.

6. Hershey's Kisses are a classic Valentine gift. You can make them even more special by unwrapping each kiss (be careful!) and removing the tag. Then replace the tag with your own tiny hand-written messages of devotion. When you re-wrap them make sure your homemade tag can be seen from the top. It's a good idea to choose a light pink paper, or another color that she'll automatically see is something special.

7. Plan For Special Attention: Plan a night out at her favorite restaurant and let her know you want to pick her up a little early. Book a couple's massage at your local spa and take her down for a relaxing treat. Then when both of you are relaxed and happy head out to enjoy your dinner reservation. You can of course have the waiter deliver your roses or your Hershey's kisses to your love right at the table.

8. Give Her a Romantic Night In - Buy a dozen roses, but don't leave them on the stems. Strew rose petals from wherever she'll enter the house to the bathroom. Have the bathroom set up with candles, her favorite romantic music, and a few droplets of essential oils. Run her a hot bath and let her relax among rose petals. You can strew more rose petals from the bathroom to the dining room where you have a candle-lit dinner prepared for her. Follow up with rose petals to lead her to the bedroom. Sprinkle them across the bed and her pillow. Have her lie down and treat her to a relaxing massage with a fragrant massage oil.

9. Let Her Have a Little Bit of You - This idea works especially well if you're apart from your beloved for Valentine's Day. Take a shirt that you've worn - a favorite t-shirt or a dress shirt you wore to the office. Don't use your gym shirt! It should smell lightly of you. If you're worried about wearing a shirt for an entire day and having it get sweaty, sleep with it rolled up beside you for a night. Now package your shirt up in a re-sealable bag. Write a love letter to go with it, explaining you thought she'd like to have a little reminder of you to keep beside her pillow. As I mentioned, this is especially wonderful for your long distance love who will be pining for you!

10. Don't worry if you don't have the funds for dozens of roses and expensive dinners. Give her a mini "getaway" to take her fancy! Get a picnic basket and fill it up with a light dinner and all her favorite candies. Add a bottle of her favorite wine and some candles. Put some romantic music on your mp3 player and pack it up with some small speakers and a couple of blankets. Take your sweetie to her favorite park or spot outdoors and treat her to a romantic picnic. Give her a valentine gift that shows your love for her - use one of the ideas in this article, or present her with something else handmade.

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