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Valentine's Chocolates For Her

Chocolate is a great Valentines Day gift.

Chocolate is something that is quite a personal thing. We all like different types of chocolates and it's this essential knowledge that you need to use to buy the perfect box of chocolates for her present at Valentines Day.

Taking note of the sorts of chocolates she picks first is a good indication of which is her favourite. It is unlikely anyone would first pick the chocolates they didn't like so taking note of this is a useful thing. You can also drop careful hints referring back to the chocolates you've eaten over Christmas and ask which the favourite was.

Some chocolate companies, Thorntons being one, allow you to pick a whole box of chocolates individually. This means you could pick just the ones she loves best and she will have a whole box of them. You can also personalise the top of the box too which makes it ideal for picking a great photo that means something romantic to the both of you. Whether you pick a photo of you on your wedding day or honeymoon or just a snap of the two of you together, it will be an amazing gift for her to unwrap. She will be able to keep the box for years to come too, to keep all your cards and love letters in. The box makes a lovely keepsake box.

Asking about chocolates early will avoid any suspicion about you buying things for Valentines Day. If you have to ask nearer the date though she might be more aware that you're trying to find out what she really wants. You could drop in hints for yourself too if you wanted at this point.

Always wrap valentine chocolate as it makes them more special than just handing over a box of choccies and shows you have gone to some effort. If you don't buy another present then you should probably get some flowers too for her as these make the day very special and she will have them to look at for a couple of weeks.

Picking the right chocolates is easy when you know someone very well, and if you pay attention to them when they're picking chocolates out. If you are buying for someone you are not so sure of their tastes you can make some simple tests to find out more about their love of chocolate. Buy some small bars of dark, milk and white valentine chocolate and offer them. The one she picks first will give you an idea of what sort of chocolate she loves, and she might even let slip that she doesn't like one of the types of chocolate!

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