Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Red Roses: Symbolic of Eternal, Passionate Love

Red, red roses are symbolic of a passionate love as intense as the deep, rich hue of the velvet-like petals. Roses have been in existence for around 32 million years, and have been used by ancient civilizations including the Greeks, Romans, and Persians for many reasons. Roses have been bred to be colorful, fragrant.

Although a rose of any color can simply be a gift of gratitude, kindness, or affection, over time they have been attributed to a variety of emotions and occasions. Red roses can range in color from bright red to deep burgundy. Varieties include Charlotte, Forever Young, Classy, and Rouge Baiser.

Red roses are given to those to whom you want to show love and passion, people for whom you have great respect, and those who have shown great courage. The number of red roses given can also have a special meaning. A single red rose shows love. A dozen red roses show gratitude, twenty-five red roses show congratulations, and fifty red roses show unconditional love. Two red roses tied together symbolize an engagement.

The shade of the red rose has a meaning as well. Bright red means love, burgundy means unconscious love, and dark crimson is used to show mourning. A withered, red rose, is used to show that the love has ended, and a red rosebud symbolizes youthful love and beauty. True red is considered the lover's rose, while Amaranth red symbolizes long-standing desire. Cardinal red is the symbol of sublime desire, Carmine red is symbolic of deceitful desire (not true to color) and Fiery red symbolizes the flames of passion.
Combinations of colors mean:

Red and White - Unity

Red and Yellow - Jovial happiness

Red Roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion

Red (Dark) Rose reveals unconscious beauty

Red (Single) means "I Love You"

Red & White Roses together signify unity

Single Rose in any color expresses simplicity and gratitude

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