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Confessions of a Car Rental Marketer

I get paid to sell self-drive holidays to Australians, to encourage them to take to the open roads and explore new territory behind the wheel of a rental car. I have a confession to make. I can’t actually drive.

Now I haven’t deliberately kept this from my employer, it wasn’t mentioned in my interview nor was it in my job description alongside having excellent communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team or to meet deadlines in a fast paced working environment. It was neither an essential nor desirable attribute.

I have never lied about it, but I do avoid voluntarily giving out this information about myself. I’m almost 25 for goodness sake! Kids I used to babysit have got in the driver’s seat before me. I guess I just haven’t got around to it in 7 years. I’m used to the convenience of city living and not needing to be able to drive.

So while I am cruising comfortably on my P plates in my car rental marketing career, I have yet to get my Learners licence to drive. The irony of the situation was pointed out to me at a recent industry function when I was talking to a marketing guru from an airline. He asked me what kind of car I drove and I said quietly that, actually, I can’t drive. “What!” he exclaimed “You work for a car rental company and you can’t drive?!” True. But, I said to him, you work for an airline, can you fly a plane?

You see, what I try to market or sell is not driving. We don’t sell the idea of jumping into a rental car, the exhilaration of putting the key in the ignition, turning on the engine and…well, whatever it is that comes next.

No, we try to sell the idea of freedom, the thought of having independence and flexibility on holidays, exploring new places, making memories and having a good time. We try to inspire people to visit places off the beaten track and discover new things.

So does it actually matter that I can’t drive? Do you think dog food marketers have actually tasted what they’re selling? Exactly.

I have travelled around the world and I have been in cars lots of times, often simultaneously, so I know the feeling of having the wind in your hair, good music in your ears and a smile on your face. I know the excitement of visiting new and foreign lands and the joy of travelling around, not being in a cramped Greyhound bus or overcrowded non-air conditioned train.

I have just been in the passenger’s seat, not the driver’s, that’s all.

Having said all that, I know that I need to learn to drive. Will I finally take the plunge and learn? Yes, most definitely, in part to aid my copywriting, to gain independence and well, to see what all the fuss about.

Yes, there’s all that and also that promise that my partner made about getting a shiny new Yaris when I do finally get my license. Now that is an incentive to learn.

Wedding Photography: Wedding Photographer Tips for Great Wedding Pictures by Alejandro Esparza

Wedding photography is a technique and art of recording memorable moments of events shared in marriage ceremony. When covering a Wedding Events in Los Angeles, CA, I personally study and analyze the environment in which I will be photo shooting before any wedding event date. The ability to visualize and see exactly were the wedding ceremony will take place weeks prior to any wedding photography event provides me with many hits for when the wedding photography day comes. Not only this study will allow me to visualized the scenario were i will be photographing the wedding ceremony but will also create an atmosphere for me to work.

wedding photograpers should always be ready and prepare for any unpredictable situation that may happen during and after a wedding ceremony. The ability to take great pictures in a wedding event day will depend largely on the experience and techniques you use when photographing a subject. Studying photography will greatly improve your photography skills but the way in which you capture those special moments of a particular wedding ceremony will be solely and completely be up to you.

When covering a wedding photography have the best digital photography camera you can afford. Buying the best quality digital camera can improve the image quality and the resolution of any image. The higher the resolution on your camera the better quality your image will be. Always take pictures that are well focus and have depth. The closer your subject is to your lens the less depth of field you will see on your images were as a subject far from your lens will have more depth of a field.

In conclusion wedding photography is a recording of memorable moments of events shared in a marriage ceremony. Good techniques plus experience combined with the right digital camera will produce great wedding pictures on any wedding photography Event.

http://www.camerawiz.net WEDDING AND EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES LOS ANGELES, CA. Camera wiz is the best online wedding photography service at affordable prizes. Wedding photography and wedding photographer in Los Angeles, CA.

https://www.camerawiz.net/Wedding_Packages.html ECONOMICAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES LOS ANGELES,CA. Affordable wedding photographt packages SAVE 5% TO 20 % OFF on any wedding photography package when you pay on line today.

Alejandro Esparza

About Alejandro Esparza
Wedding photographer Alejandro Esparza owner of Camera Wiz has provided for over 10 years wedding photography and Event photography services in Los Angeles CA. A journalistic style with an elegant, fashion artistic approach would well describe the style I approach when taking pictures of a beautiful bride on her wedding day. I have always been fascinated by the magic of photography since I was 10 years old. Photography is the art of making a painting using a camera, a lens and a flashlight. The angle in which the lens is placed on a subject and the way we focus the subject will dictate the type of composition we will get. I been photographing people for over 10 years and is one of the Greatest job In the World. I get to spend the day with a Bride and Groom at Their Wedding photography Event, Take pictures of a beautiful Quinceñera , meet families and have fun with children when I work, to have the opportunity to do all that I call it a privilege. I have taken pictures of Weddings, special occasions, Events, birthdays, headshots, Families portraits, Fashion/Modeling and Commercial product photography.
To those of you who have allowed me to photograph you, I thank you all and look forward to working with you again. To anyone I have not yet photographed, I look forward to meeting you.

Alejandro Esparza

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Top Five Travel Tips for an Adventure Tour

Adventure touring can really test your mettle, whether you are traveling on your own or with your family. Part of the fun of an adventure tour is the inherent danger of the activity - but that's no reason to be foolish. There are ways that you can reduce dangers and increase the fun quotient. These are five top tips to get the most out of your adventure tour.

1. Follow the Boy Scout motto - be prepared by planning ahead.
There's an old saying - measure twice, cut once. When you plan ahead, you'll be prepared for most of the mishaps that can happen on a wild outdoor adventure. One of the best ways to be prepared is to book your tour with a reputable and experienced tour company. A responsible adventure tour agent will provide you with all the information that you need to prepare yourself properly for the tour you book through them. If they don't provide information like a list of documents and items you should bring with you, ask. If they don't have one to offer, you might reconsider booking a tour through them.

Extra: You'll need the basic documents, of course - passport, travel visa and return tickets - but as international security increases around the world, you may require additional documentation to cross some borders. Other documents you may need to present include vaccination certificates and proof that you have booked accommodation. If you are traveling whith children, most travel agents strongly suggest that you bring proof that you have legal custody of the children.

2. Bring your own first aid kit.
Along with any prescription medication, you should also bring along any medications and medical supplies that you are likely to need - especially if you're picky about brands. You won't find any nearby pharmacies when you're out in the middle of the Amazon highlands - or the Appalachian trails. If you're on an organized adventure tour, your tour guide should have a first aid kit and basic medical supplies, but it never hurts to be sure you have the things you need with you. Especially in a foreign country, there is no guarantee that your favorite brand of painkiller will be available.

Extra: An ounce of prevention, says the old adage, and it's doubly true when you're vacationing away from "civilization". Bug spray and sunscreen are a must, as are enough cleaning solution for contacts, or an extra pair of eyeglasses. Pack along your favored brand of pain reliever, a wrap-around bandage and an ice pack.

3. Check health and travel alerts.
If you're traveling overseas, do yourself a favor and keep up to date on the health and travel alerts issued by the U.S. State Department. Informed travel is safe travel. There are many things that might affect your safety on an adventure trip - besides the dangers you are looking forward to braving. Extreme weather conditions, the political climate and health alerts can all make a difference in your planning. Be aware, and keep yourself informed so that you know what you may be facing.

Extra: You can research your trip and sign up for notifications about travel and safety alerts at allsafetravel.com. The site tracks safety, health and weather alerts issued by governments around the world to provide accurate information that is up to the minute for your destination.

4. Check in with your health insurance.
Are you covered if you break your leg in Nepal? Trip and travel insurance is a must when you're traveling, but be sure that you know what will be covered. Your trip insurance should cover more than just treatment for an illness or accident. Look for repatriation coverage, and be sure that your policy covers you for any activities that you plan on doing. Many travel and trip policies specifically exclude extreme sports like whitewater rafting and rock climbing, or even skiing.

Extra: Bring along written prescriptions for all medications that you take regularly and keep them separate from your medications themselves. Check with your travel agent about riders on standard travel and trip insurance to extend coverage beyond the standard coverage.

5. Take what you bring and leave what you find.
In other words - leave nothing behind. It's basic hiking advice. Eco-tours and other adventure tour agencies emphasize the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. Make a point of cleaning up after yourself when you stop and camp. If you bring it in with you, take it out when you leave, and if you find it on the trail, leave it there.

Extra: The best souvenirs to bring home with you are photos and memories. There's no better use for extra weight allowance than extra batteries for your video or digital camera.

Grant Eckert is a freelance writer who writes about topics concerning travel and vacation planning including Discount Travel | Air Travel

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The Similarities Between Online and Banner Printing

Business owners have two banner options for the purpose of marketing and advertising their business. They can either go for banner printing or have their banners displayed on their web site as well as on other web pages.

The idea is basically the same. For web sites, the banners will stand out because the size is bigger than the other ads which can be found on the site. As for the print medium, banners are among the popular large format ads. In any way, there are some factors that make these two similar. Here are only some of such traits.

1. The size. As explained earlier, both types consist larger formats that their contemporaries.

2. The design. On web sites, the banners that contain advertisements come in different forms. They may be simple or flashy. You can actually try your hand on a lot of elements on the web form. But even if you can’t do such on the printed form, you can still experiment with the graphics and texts to make sure that it will flash to people’s minds even if you can’t use flash animation for this purpose.

3. The colors. Whether the banner will be seen on the Internet or offline like the materials that can be done through banner printing, it should contain colors that will make the materials noticed and seen by your target market. But the idea here is that you have to match the colors to the theme of your product or promos. And the colors must be easy on the eyes. People must enjoy looking at them so that they can fully comprehend what you are trying to say.

4. The purpose. However you do it, both banners aim for one thing, advertisement. These materials will help you spread the word out about your business. But for these to be able to serve the purpose, you have to include the correct and appropriate call to action for both types.

For the web banner, popular call to action will be click here or click me. The reader, once they do that, will automatically be transferred to the page where the promotion is being explained or to your own web site if you placed your banners on other sites.

As for the printed type, the usual call to action will be call this number, avail the promo items until a certain date or get your free gift now. There are a lot that you can actually use but the base remains the same. You have to make people act according to your markerting plan and strategy.

5. The placement. You cannot choose just any web sites to place your banners on. You don’t want to be associated with the type with spammy contents. For this reason, you first have to investigate on the site’s ranking as well as its credibility before you even purchase a space where you can place your banner on.

And this also goes as well for the printed banner. You have to place it in places where your target market usually frequents. You cannot have such posted on buildings or places known to project an image far different from yours.

Whether it is online or banner printing, you must not forget to include your contact details. All the abovementioned information will not be effective when people do not know what will they do or how they can reach you once they liked your promos and offers.

This article aims to inform readers how to avail quality prints through banner printing jobs. For more related topics and tips please feel free to visit 4 Color Digital Printing and Poster Printing: Business Cards Brochures Flyers Postcards - Digital Room

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Great Skin Care Facial Products and Their Natural Benefits

If we take a look at online drugstores and the products they offer. You can find brand name products at lower prices. Even free shipping, one just needs to find the gold mine who has more products so the online drugstore can give you better discounts.

If looking for skin care products , anti aging products, and your other online drugstore products... You can find some great deals online. Most online drugstores offer secure ordering online. The qurestions what type of products do you want. What we found is the bigger the store the better the price.
The benefit oh shopping online is the wide selection of products and knowing you will get what you order. Online drugstores offers tons of selection. You have all natural skin care products for sensitive skin, anti aging skin creams, and many other skin care facial products.

With discount skin care products available anyone who shops online can find some better discounts simply because the bulk of products these online drugstores offer.
With our faces as the main ad for ourselves skin care facial products are becoming a favorite in the industry. Scientisits are developing skin care facial products and natural anti aging creams to reduce the aging process. These skin care products are available for women as well as men.

Some of the highest rated skin care products are now all natural. The down turn of all natural is the length or effectiveness of the product since natural ingredients lessen and are not as potent, but a ton safer to the skin.Chemical based anti aging products can moderate to the enormous amount of side effects. This can cause the burdensome troubles especially those man and woman who have the pretended allergic problems.

For these the trend has been set up to get back to the natural supplements, the top skin care products. All the All Natural Skin Care Products contains botanical oil, herbal extracts and essential oils that human body absorb easily and there is no ingredients of chemical things like preservatives, mineral oils and fragrance etc. to be cause of sufferings of the users.

These can be benfecial to reducing the aging process. Skin Care Facial Products hydrates deep into multiple surface layers to immediately diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Over time, it helps control the appearance of discolorations such as brown spots while the look of fine lines and wrinkles is significantly diminished.

This natural anti aging process helps avoid of big stir for concerned aging amercans and our advertorial faces. What are the bases of anti aging and skin care products to sever the human purpose? The answer is very simple. Anti- aging skin products prevent general ageing of the skin by providing reinforced protection against daily aggression. Anti Aging Natural Supplements keep on fighting with the visible and invisible signs of aging. So arrests of those abhorred wrinkle with these ant-aging products before they start showing up for the society.

The natural ingredients in the product create them to be the best. Since no chemicals are being placed on the skin you can feel safe.
As a cosmetics user, you are always open to two options: go artificial or go natural, but for the choice of safety and for the choice of receiving par benefits, going natural would be the best option.

Natural ingredients do have benefits, just read your labels on your skin care products to be sure.

Discover which products are reputable and

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Aussie Pensioner Wins Ageism Case Against Irish Car Rental Company

An Australian man has just won a settlement in a landmark age discrimination case against an Irish car rental company after being charged an extra fee for being over the age of 70.

Anthony White tried to hire a car in Ireland 2 years ago when he was in his early seventies and was charged a EUR25 fee. He was also told he would not be able to rent a car on his next visit as he would be over 75.

White took his case to Ireland's Equality Tribunal who ruled in his favour that the policy amounted to age discrimination. Irish Car Rentals Ltd has since changed the rule and says the decision will now be made on a case-by-case basis involving assessments of age, health, driving record and insurance coverage.

A senior driver surcharge is pretty common with car rental companies - you may have read a previous blog here about it (Too Old to Drive A Rental Car?) Some suppliers charge extra if drivers are over a certain age, others have a maximum age limit for renters and some require additional documentation (like Irish Car Rentals are now doing). The surcharge is applied to cover higher insurance premiums as older drivers as seen as higher risk.

Does this case mean we may see an end to senior driver surcharges? Is it age discrimination to charge older drivers more as they are seen to be a higher risk?

In that case, surely it is also age discrimination to charge someone under 25 a young drivers fee since they too are seen as a higher insurance risk and more likely to have an accident?

In the case of Mr. White, he has been driving for 50 years and felt it was unfair to blanket all older drivers.

I do agree with this and think the company’s new policy is fair – it depends on each individual’s circumstances and not their age. Will other car rental companies follow suit? We’ll have to wait and see.

Final thought – one article I found about this was entitled “Old Man wins age discrimination suit against Irish rental car company” - “Old Man”? Surely that is age discrimination in itself?!

Car Rental & the Environment

With the environment such a hot topic around the world and especially in the transport industry, there are companies that are embracing new environmentally friendly technology. Hybrid Cars and ever increasingly fuel efficient diesel cars are becoming more available to mainstream motorists. I used to work for a corporate travel company and many of the major corporations were requesting the inclusion of Hybrid cars in their contracts. This was more to do with increasing business opportunities by being seen to be green as opposed to wanting to be green!

The question arises when people travel and want to maintain their commitment to the green cause. Car Rental companies will be the ones providing these vehicles... or will they?

I have chosen (for the Australia traveller) major car companies that you can book 'green cars' with. Working for DriveAway Holidays here in Australia, the most common request is for diesel cars. This is driven out of cost concerns and also the occasional environmental concern. (Shouldn't it be the other way around??)

First off the rank is Avis Rental Cars.

In Australia, the group L car will give you a Toyota Hybrid. This car is the favorite for the car rental companies due to it being built by Toyota.

In the UK, there doesn't appear to be any green cars, although there may be diesel cars on fleet, Avis don't make them easy to find.

In the USA, like Australia, the Toyota Hybrid under group XG is available.

Second off the cab rank is Hertz Rental Cars.

In Australia, like Avis, the Toyota Hybrid is the car of choice. Book a group G and you will get this car.

In the UK, Hertz has a range of fuel efficient diesels on fleet but no hybrids. This seems to be a common factor in the UK. Being an expat, I know that Toyota car prices in the UK are reasonably expensive compared to other european manufactured vehicles

In the USA, Hertz has a range of Hybrids, although on some of the cars, I couldn't tell if they were Hybrid or not.

Now, all credit to Hertz as they do promote their green cars as part of their Green Fleet. Avis don't appear to market their green cars in any way, which is a shame.

Third on the cab rank is Europcar Rental Cars.

Again, unlike Hertz, they appear not to promote their green fleet. Looking at their Australia Fleet guide, they have the regular passenger vehicles such as Small, Medium, Large, Prestige, Minivans, Sport, 4WD. Europcar list the green car as part of there regular fleet, however, it does have it's unique identifier (IHAR) in Australia.

In the UK, Europcar doesn't appear to have any green offerings. Maybe it's something you can request at pick up. Personally, if I could book a green car over the internet, I would do so with a company that offered that service.

In the USA, I chose LAX as Europcar have a limited presence. There were no cars I could find that looked green.

To Europcar's defence, in other parts of Europe where they are particularly strong, one is able to guarantee a diesel for an extra few euros per day.

In this brief look, Hertz appears to be the only car rental company that is actively promoting green cars. Avis & Europcar seem to be a bit hap hazard in their approach to a green fleet. Whilst it may be a case of logistics and a supply issue, there is no reason why they couldn't promote their green cars.
I am sure that in 12 months time, the situation will be that every car rental company will be actively marketing green cars. The consumer can currently offset their CO2 emissions in the various transport sectors and I am sure that the car rental industry will follow suit in the near future.

The Environment is a marketers dream and I do think that some of the car rental companies have missed the boat so far. Hopefully their marketing departments will wake up and smell the cleaner air..

Decorating Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the ultimate time to please your wedding guests. That is the moment you have all of them seated and ready to enjoy the day. It is very important that the preparations you make for the reception hall differs from that of the ceremonial hall. The decoration you have here must be one that vividly reflects the season, the theme of your wedding and the profile of your guests. Wedding reception decoration presents a challenge to coupes because they need to look so different from that of the main hall and also need to get them fully participating in the event.

Begin with the wedding theme. Your gusts must be able to see the type of wedding reflected in the reception. For formal occasions, the decoration, the location and the types of meals served must indicate that it is a grand occasion. You must also pay attention to the type of floral that you do. Casual weddings such as beach weddings have the kind of flowers that go with it. Plan the reception such that the seating does not create inconvenience for the guests. They should be able to get up and sit done easily. They should also be able to move about the place without interfering with other guests.

The reception décor is much easier if you hire a florist. From years of experience, they are able to match your event with the theme - in fact so perfectly that you will be marveling at the creativity. It is essential that you inform the florist about any special things that you would like to do. With their experience, they will be able to infuse that into their works. For example, if you loved nature, they can incorporate scenes of wildlife, beach life or simple objects of nature. If you are the environmental type, they can add green products to the décor.

Easy Healthy Weight Loss - Program

Have you tried every trick in the book to find an easy healthy weight loss program? I've been there and done that. I've tried skipping meals and high intensity weight training sessions but was unable to have any success until, one day I discovered information that's openly available to everyone. You know what that information was? It was that the dieting portion of your program accounts for approximately 80% of your results! It was like a "light bulb" that turned on when I found this out.

With this information I realized that even though I was working out everyday as long as my diet wasn't maintained properly I wouldn't have any significant weight loss. I also discovered that skipping meals or cutting specific foods out of my diet such as potato chips would lead to me overeating when I did eat them. I learned that you shouldn't skip meals or specific foods. You just have to reduce your portions and when you can have unhealthy foods reduce those portions and have them less frequently.

So, what's this easy healthy weight loss program that I've found? Well, it all depends on your eating habits, your lifestyle and physical health. So, what's good for me might not be good for you but a great dieting program can enable you to have easy healthy weight loss by allowing you to small changes in your diet with great results.

You want a dieting program that provides flexibility and customization because my physically strengths, needs and weaknesses are different from yours. What I have found out is that by choosing the proper dieting program you can experience weight loss because your diet is responsible for 80% of your results.

Therefore, I have since put heavy emphasis on what I eat and my food portions. That is not to say you don't have to do any exercising but even if, you exercise everyday but your diet is terrible chances you won't have any sustained long term weight loss.

On the contrary if, you have a good dieting program but do minimal to no exercising you can have easy healthy weight loss. Ideally, you would want to include both but if, you specifically have weight loss as your primary goal than I believe you don't have to do any exercising if, you're unable to.

How do you choose a dieting program that's right for you? Make sure it's flexible, simple in preparation and is affordable. This will allow you make minimal changes to your eating habits and budget but will produce great weight loss results.

What do I mean by being flexible? It should have many combinations of foods and meals that can suit your taste. Simple in preparation means that it shouldn't take you hours upon hours to prepare the meals because, you know and I know in life sometimes you only have 5 to 15minutes before you have to get to that appointment, your job or to your children's activity program. Affordable means that the dieting program shouldn't cost you $1000's upon $1000's of dollars. There are many programs that work and are available for under $100.

You'll be amazed when you find a dieting program that fits these criteria's how easy healthy weight loss can occur and just imagine how happy, healthy and attractive you'll be if, you pick the right program!

If, you're interested in dieting to lose weight and need help choosing the right program for you visit: http://www.TopFiveDietPrograms.com We can help you.

Weight Loss Exercise Program - Three Reasons Why You Need One to Lose Weight

A weight loss exercise program is essential if you plan to win the war against the battle of the bulge. Studies confirm that combining a balanced diet and exercise routine is the key to permanent success.

Imagine yourself being fully committed to your effort to drop the weight just to not have it work because you didn't find the right workout to go along with your perfect eating plan?

There are 3 major reasons why you need to look into a quality weight loss exercise program before you start your on mission to drop the pounds.

1. You Lose Faster - By doing exercise you actually speed up the rate that your body loses weight. If you can lose a pound a week with just diet alone you can count on adding a workout to bump it up to two or more!

2. You'll Lose More Fat - By performing regular exercise during your weight loss journey you'll be able to hold on to the muscle you have and lose mostly fat. This keeps your metabolism high and keeps you on the path to dropping even more weight.

3. You'll Look A Lot Better - Ever heard of "skinny fat" syndrome? It's what happens if you lose a lot of weight without working out to maintain your muscle. Who wants to weigh less but look bigger? Toning and firming your body with exercise will leave you pounds lighter and sizes smaller.

Can see now you see why it's important for you to work out while you're cutting calories to get the very best results from your hard work?

The next thing I want to find out is, "Are you ready to make the commitment?"

Click to find out how a weight loss exercise program can speed up your weight loss and help you sculpt the lean sexy body you know you deserve.

Also, find out how to trick your body into becoming a fat burning machine in just 7 days at http://www.fight-the-fat.info.

From Camille Godwin - Winning the fight against fat, one pound at a time!

Finding a Good Honey Facial Mask For Natural, Safe Skin Care

If you feel like your skin has lost its glow, you need to find a good honey facial mask to give your skin a boost. Everyday cleansers are applied to our face and then quickly wiped or rinsed off so there effects are minimal. Their purpose is really to cleanse the top layer of skin and remove makeup, mascara and eye shadows.

A good honey facial mask is a type of hydrating mask that stays on your face for 20 to 30 minutes and actually penetrates the skin providing moisture to the next level. Many tightening or cleansing masks are different colors and harden as they stay on your face, but a honey hydrating mask is almost clear in color. You may even forget you have it on.

Look for a honey facial mask that incorporates as many nutrients as it can. Any mask that utilizes plant oils, and vitamin and plant based antioxidants will directly benefit the healthy glow of your skin.

Some vitamins and antioxidants to look for in the list of ingredients are CoEnzyme Q10, natural vitamin E and a substance called Cynergy TK, which promotes the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. Rigin is another nutrient that is now being added to skincare products as it has been clinically proven to improve the hydration of the skin.

And finally, make sure that your honey facial mask has a good quality honey as its main ingredient. Manuka honey is a product of New Zealand and has a 16 plus rating which means it has the highest level of antioxidant properties. Honey has been recognized as a topical solution for a number of major skin issues, so you at least know that what you are putting on your skin is natural and safe and not going to create further problems down the road.

Discover how to have Beautiful Healthy Skin with must-know honey facial treatment by following Tawanfa Farikan's ongoing research. Keep up with the latest information about maintaining and protecting your bodies largest organ, the Skin, and other Health-Related concerns by heading to http://www.your-best-skin-site.com for more details.

Tawanfa Farikan - EzineArticles Expert Author

Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Simple Seaweed Facial Mask

A few years ago I discovered how to make a simple facial mask that left my face feeling incredibly soft, smooth and looking absolutely radiant. This mask contains kelp, honey, and aloe vera.

Seaweeds have been traditionally used to detoxify the body both internally and externally. They are rich in nutrients which help to both tone and nourish the skin. Seaweed contain mineral salts that can help the skin to hold it’s moisture better, which helps to smooth fine lines.

Adding honey to your mask adds additional moisture to the skin. Honey is a natural humectant that is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and sugar. The sugar and enzymes in honey is a gentle exfoliate for the skin. When possible use raw honey to ensure that you get the maximum quality and benefit of this wonderful golden treat.

Aloe Vera has been known for its amazing healing properties for centuries. It has been used to help heal burns, eczema, sores, acne, insect bites, and more. It’s an antiseptic, highly lubricant, and penetrates deep into the skin.

To benefit from these ingredients, create this simple mask:

1 TBSP Kelp powder

½ TBSP honey (raw honey is best)

½ TBSP Aloe vera gel (99.9% pure)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and apply to a clean face. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

To enjoy glowing, healthy looking skin, use this mask 2 times a week.

I promise you will enjoy this mask and make it a regular part of your beauty program.

Danielle Sims explored her library of alternative health, herbal books, and aromatherapy books and created a blueprint for making her own body wrap formulas at home. Now she offers this information in an e-book entitled Wrap Yourself Slim: Body Wrap Exposed. Monthly newsletter is also available at her web site. For more information go to http://www.wrapyourselfslim.com

Best Bridal Accessories For A Fairy Tale Wedding

The first thing that comes to mind when achieving a theatrical wedding is to use bridal accessories to enhance the theme. The key to its success is the right setting, mood (light and music included) and the overall appeal of the bride, groom and entourage. One can utilize facilities available in the environment. To name a few, hotel ballrooms, gardens, medieval castles (only if you live in Europe or other parts of the world that has these amenities) and even a simple backyard will do.

In many different settings, there are certain looks which completes the theme. One of the most popularly used fairy tale story is Cinderella. To create a perfect look for this theme, bridal accessories are top priority when it comes down to the entire style from bride, groom and the entire entourage. Hair coiffure incorporates the dreamy spectacle of hairpieces, flowers, sparkling beads and other accessories that demand the attention of audiences, mainly the guests. But the most magical would be the bride's glass slippers. The fairy tale won't be complete with out it. Where to find these rare items? Where else, the world wide web no less.

Snow white and the seven dwarfs is another challenging theme to accomplish. Aside from making sure you have seven dwarfs at the wedding, almost all bridal accessories apply to these fairy tale nuptials. Ball gowns, tiaras, and custom made bridal accessories are a must for Snow White. Best start surfing the web for these items, they might not be found in ordinary bridal shops. And if they carry them, most likely they will be ordering those accessories online also. So why not do it yourself and have the upper-hand in picking the perfect bridal accessories yourself.

Sleeping beauty will not be left in bed when it comes to theme weddings. With just the right details and bridal accessories, this concept can come to life. All it takes is a lot of creativity and the clicking of the key board and surely it will come to being instantaneously and with happy endings.

Whether it's a simple Princess fairy tale story or as brazen as Alice in Wonderland, theme weddings need bridal accessories that are unique and dazzling to capture the imagination. Weddings like these are unforgettable. Guests will surely talk about the event for years to come it the planning goes right.

Bring to life a fantasy world takes a lot of resources to accomplish. This generation is luck to have just that at the tips of its fingers. The Internet offers an idea that teaches do-it-yourself instructions. Some sites provide list on creative ways to put together available materials to recycle for new projects, saving you lots of money.

Those things can be daunting to do though. That's why aside from those sites that teaches you creatively, there are online shopping as well. The materials you need to have are shopping list, your computer, websites, and most importantly credit cards. Then, if you have those at hand you are ready to start planning and executing your wedding. Those special bridal accessories are going to be fun to hunt on different websites. Having weddings that are unique are truly remarkable. It shouldn't be much of toil with a lot of help on the net.

Abhishek is a Wedding Planning expert and he has got some great Wedding Etiquette Secrets up his sleeves! Download his FREE 936 Page Ebook, "Wedding Etiquette Made Easy!" from his website http://www.Wedding-Stars.com/144/index.htm. Only limited Free Copies available.

Choosing the Perfect Accessories For Your Wedding

There is hardly a wedding ceremony without accessories. You need it almost everywhere to give the event the look it deserves. You will find the accessories mostly on the bride and the bridesmaid. There are many reasons why you need the accessories. One, it enhances the beauty of the bride. You can have brooches, hairpins or even bracelets to augment her beauty. Two, you may need the accessories to complete the decoration for the dress. Some dresses are quite plain in design and you will need accessories to make it glamorous. Thirdly, some accessories are used o enhance the body of the bride. It may conceal some aspects that are not compatible with the dress or further enhance it.

The first factor to consider in the choice of your accessories is to ensure that your dress matches with the objects you are about to buy. You will have to get complementary components that will enhance your bridal gear. Again, you need to consider the theme of your wedding and the general décor of the place. You are also paying attention to your personal preferences as you do your accessories. You have to be especially careful with your personal accessories such as the hairpieces as they need to take account of the season too. Lastly, pay attention to the color you use. They must blend with your floral, figure and season.

The best bridal gown is the best accessorized. Accessories make the beauty of the bride come out fully. You are able to cast a new look for the bride and let the gown pick on anew brilliance. You must however buy the accessories with care. They should not be too flamboyant so they take the glamour out of the gown and place it on the accessories. You must consider the theme of the event and the season. In summer try to keep sparkling objects to the minimum and try colored objects. For a beach wedding, buy accessories that hold firm so that the wind does not cause it to dangle or go off.

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Renovation London is Turning Into a Profitable Business

An important settlement for over two thousand years, London is today one of the world’s top business, financial and cultural centers, influencing politics, fashion, economy and much more worldwide. In a constantly expanding metropolis building and renovating houses is a key issue. Renovation London is a common solution for those who want to improve old buildings instead of constructing new ones. Refurbishment London is a widespread process which offers solutions too many construction related problems.

Renovation is the process of restoring a building or making certain improvements. As a consequence, the value of the structure increases. In most of the cases, the renovation of some buildings is mandatory as they are on the verge of falling apart. However, in other situations, the renovation London is simply a process meant to bring a material profit to an individual or company or to improve the structure’s aesthetics. Whatever the case, renovation is an essential practice in an ever-growing property market like London.

The process of renovation London is rather complex and usually consists in several well-established steps. The first and probably most important step in any renovation procedure is the planning. In order to have a successful renovation you must first discuss what you have in mind with a professional and come up with convenient solutions together. The second stage is the engineering when a professional lays out all of the technical details of the previously established plan. Demolition is the next phase and the first practical one. After the destruction of several elements of the building, or even of a large part of the construction, the so-called structural repair process is about to commence. In this phase, the constructors take measurements, replace old elements and make adjustments or repairs so that the building comes one step closer to the initial concept. Finally, the final touch represents the making of the details and is the last step in a successful renovation process.

Sometimes a major renovation procedure is not required for a certain item. In these cases a refurbishment process is the way to go for the citizens in London who plan on performing major maintenance or minor repair works. Refurbishment London is very popular nowadays, especially with antiques, furniture and collectors automobiles. Usually, if a building is being refurbished, it becomes a renovation. The two main types of renovation are residential and commercial. The latter can also be divided into two categories: large and small scale refurbishment, depending on the extent of the construction work required.

Refurbishment London can be very profitable for homeowners. Renovating the old-fashioned kitchens, fixing up the bathrooms, working on the carpentry or plumbing can end up being a good investment. In the vast majority of cases clients that benefit from a professional refurbishment in London benefit from a bigger return than ever before. The expenditures made by homeowners are recuperated in the form of higher prices when reselling. Nowadays renovations in London are not regarded as expenditures as much as they are investments. When renovating a building its value automatically rises, usually covering at least the building costs. Although it is a profitable business, most people turn to refurbishments for the pleasure of it, not to make money. Whether it’s painting or decorating, plumbing or heating, extensions or loft conversions, the best reason for a remodel is always to become more appealing to the eye.

The private construction sector is extremely well-developed in the capital of the United Kingdom. Renovation London represents a significant part of the construction work as more and more people wish to improve their home environment. Refurbishment London can also be a profitable affair if you ask for step-by-step professional guidance.

A successful renovation London takes careful and professional planning. Find out everything you need to know about refurbishment London by accessing our website (before getting started on an important remodeling job)!

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5 Steps to Making Your Dream Renovation a Reality

The lure of a stunning gourmet kitchen or sparkling spa-style bathroom may have you chomping at the bit to begin a home renovation. But if you heed the advice of experienced renovators, pre-planning and advanced preparation are the secrets to renovation success. Here’s a helpful checklist to get your renovation started on the right track:

Decide what you want to do

For most people, this is the fun part – flipping through magazines and watching home decorating shows to get inspired. But it is also one of the most critical phases in any home renovation.

Prepare a realistic budget

Determine how much you are prepared to spend on your renovation. Remember to boost your budget by at least 10% for unexpected costs.

Arrange for financing

Get financing in place early so that you can plan your renovation with confidence. Leveraging the equity in your home is often a good option. As a secured loan, you can usually obtain an attractive interest rate and with flexible repayments. Other alternatives include refinancing your existing mortgage or arranging for a second mortgage on your home.

To obtain the best possible terms, be sure to work with an independent mortgage broker who can arrange competitive financing from a number of competing lending institutions.

Select the right team

You’ll want to entrust your project to people known for their quality of work. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, interview prospective candidates and always check references.

Stick with your plan

Your contractor, who does the construction or subcontracts it to other trades people, will work with you or your designer to implement your plan. With a sound plan, reasonable budget, financing in place and a team that you trust, your renovation can get off on the right track.

The House Team is committed to providing quality information to help people make informed decisions about their mortgage financing needs.

Compare Canadian Mortgage Rates

Need a mortgage calculator? Mortgage Calculator Ontario

Mortgage Rates Ontario

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Popular Perfumes For You!!!

Perfumes have become a part of our daily life schedule. Whenever you feel tired, it can revitalize the mood and make you feel fresh. The fragrances are very effective and can significantly lessen the boredom and intoxicating the brain. Such way, perfumes have been proved to be influencing that has effect in your daily life and mood. Perfumes work as an aroma remedy in healing your tediousness. For this reason, popular perfumes have grown popularity amid the perfume lovers. To have a complete look, mere dressing and a great look are not enough, it remains incomplete without perfumes. The advent of internet has changed the life style and you can own everything from home, just you have to browse over the net and you can get high quality perfumes and colognes from the wide collection.

The whiff, range of price and availability can unite increase the reputation of a fragrance. Commonly perfumes of neutral essences are termed as popular perfumes. It is often seen that perfumes of very strong notes are disliked by people. If you are yearning to seek for natural aroma or flowery scents, popular perfumes may be the best suitable choice as these are of stylish fragrances that will satisfy you with only a breath.

Perfumes or fragrance products are coming up online for both men and women, such as men’s highest selling colognes and ideal perfumes for women. The online sold popular perfumes are put up for sale as discount perfumes, cheap fragrance, top ladies perfume, women’s fragrances, designer ladies fragrance, discount cologne, designer men’s cologne and discount fragrance. These are various online websites which sell these products for your convenience in obtaining these fragrance products from home. Your choice for popular perfumes can alleviate your soul, boost you and relaxed your tiring nerves all through the day and all these qualities make the perfumes more popular among people. Likewise, the wide collection of popular perfumes goes well with your trend at any period or event.

Perfumes for men are found in abundance and men can choose the most favorite colognes from the best selling colognes for men and make sure the enlisted prices required. Not only men, women can also make the selection of perfumes from the feminine collection which include, discount fragrance or cheap fragrance etc. that are reasonable and exclusive. All the perfumes are amazingly economical and you can also find multiple selections of women’s perfume and best colognes for men. Personal perfumes are so very ideal that you can even make superb gifts for a wedding anniversary or a birthday gift to an important person. You can rely upon these perfumes as these are time tested and valued by most. The quality of all the perfumes are of high class and authentic.

The whole collection of perfumes, including the designer ladies fragrance, top men’s cologne, etc. is definitely of the best quality. These are the ideal collection of the unique designers and consequently, you will not find any sort of negotiation on service delivery. If you wish to procure these perfumes, you need to make a search over the internet and make your best selection from the long list.

By: SharonDucharme

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

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The Best Selling Women's Perfumes Of All Time

Men and Women love the smell of women's French fragrances. It is no wonder that the French perfume industry worldwide makes around 11 billion dollars every year. It is also well known that women's French fragrances have been around for an eternity. This is due to the fact that women like to smell nice, and hence women's perfume manufacturers always try to come up with fragrances that will appeal to the masses.

Through the past several decades, several kinds of French fragrances have been let loose on the market. Most seemed to smell nice, however there are very few that remain on the market long term to become classic scents, used by many women, and splashed on by some of the most famous superstars on the planet.

Tastes in women's French perfumes are different for everyone. Some like a strong perfume and some like a subdued one. Despite this fact, the tastes for perfumes always seem to have a point where everybody's tastes agree and complement. This fact remains irrespective of price and ultimately leads us to the timeless fragrances. Women, both past and present, never tire of them. Below are the top French fragrances for women of all time.

L'heure Bleu
It was created by Guerlain long before other women's perfumes were created. Its name literally means 'the blue hour'. As one of the oldest, this fragrance has a sweeter bouquet that creates its wonderful aroma, making it a perfect accompaniment for both young and old.

Bulgary Pour Femme
It is one of the most original scents of Bulgari which was created in 1992. This fragrance is a great fit for a free spirited young lass. Its aroma is comprised of a subtle blend of jasmine and violet. This French fragrance has a floral bouquet which is loved by Lisa Kudrow and others.

Christian Dior Eau de Dolce Vita
This floral and happy scent was created by Christian Dior. Known by anyone, particularly celebrities such as Charlize Theron, this women's perfume, released in 1997, creates a keen scent of femininity.

Creed Tuberose Indiana
This classic was created in 1981 and until now a vast number of women including celebrities go after it. This women's fragrance's scent creates a sexy feeling and hence is loved by Jennifer Love Hewitt and others.

Chanel No. 5
This truly famous scent was created by Coco Chanel in 1922. One of the most memorable personalities who claimed to love this perfume so much was none other than Ms. Marilyn Monroe. In an interview she said she would not wear any other women's perfume to bed but Chanel No. 5. This classic perfume has remained popular throughout the decades not only because celebrities endorsed it, but because its classic scent and staying power makes it a favorite among women and it remains so to this very day.

The choice of your own perfume is a personal choice. You should pick one that smells good to you. The perfumes mentioned above are just a guide to help you pick your own great fragrance.

By: Kyle Zaltowski

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Kyle is a seasoned author at trade sites where you will discover tens of thousands of sales leads for Designer Fragrance and Womens Fragrances.

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Choosing Contemporary Wedding Photography For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a day that will live in your memory for a lifetime; but it will also live in the pictures captured throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. Choosing a photographer for your wedding is more than deciding who you want to be with you throughout the day; it's choosing the style in which you want your wedding pictures to be presented. And many modern brides are choosing contemporary wedding photography.

Contemporary wedding photography is defined by a modern approach to a traditional custom. While traditional wedding photography often captures a conglomerate of formally posed pictures, contemporary wedding photography often focuses on a more journalistic style of capturing photos. The result is a more candid style of photography that often captures moments that traditional photography tends to miss.

Gone are the days of wedding photography by the numbers. Today's wedding photographers are showcasing their talent, creativity, and specialties like never before. This puts consumers in a beneficial position - creativity abounds in the wedding photography market which means that you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating unique and exciting wedding albums. But in order to realize your dream, you must first find a photographer experienced in contemporary wedding photography.

There is no better wedding planning tool for brides than other brides. Conduct your own informal research among friends who have recently gotten married or are planning their own nuptials. Take notice of other couples' wedding photography; if you like a particular style then ask for a recommendation for their photographer.

Of course price is always a consideration when it comes to tackling big ticket items associated with weddings. Be sure that you approach each photographer you interview with a solid budget in mind - and stick to it! Contemporary wedding photography allows for non-traditional needs and requires flexibility on the photographer's part; you'll be surprised how much room there is to negotiate on price.

Most importantly, be sure that the photographer you choose completely understands what you want from your contemporary wedding photography. Ultimately the wedding photography that will work the best is that which accurately reflects the unique personalities of the happy couple.

For easy to understand, in depth information about contemporary wedding photography visit our ezGuide 2 Wedding Photography.

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Chinese Food

Chinese food holds a popular place among the entire population of the world. You can find a Chinese restaurant in every major city and in many smaller areas of the world as well. Why is Chinese food so popular? Is Chinese food healthy? What is the history of Chinese food?

The History of Chinese Food
The history of Chinese food1 is an interesting one. Unlike many cultures the Chinese believe that the preparation of food is an art and not simply a craft. The art of cooking Chinese food can include dishes and food preparation techniques which are difficult to develop and may require the expertise of a chef with lots of experience. One such technique is noodle pulling (scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about this technique). Noodle pulling requires skill and lots of practice and results in a delicious noodle dish. This article will refer to noodle pulling later on, but for now, let’s go back to the history of Chinese food.

Chinese food and the way it is prepared is very much influenced by the two major philosophies, which influence the entire Chinese culture. These dominant philosophies are Confucianism and Taoism. Both have these philosophies have influenced the way that the Chinese people cook and the way that they enjoy their food.

Confucianism and Chinese Cuisine
Confucius was the man behind the Confucianism beliefs. Among many other standards Confucius established standards for proper table etiquette and for the appearance and taste of Chinese food. One of the standards set by Confucius (you might have noticed this at an authentic Chinese restaurant) is that food must be cut into small bite size pieces before serving the dish. This is a custom that is definitely unique to the Chinese culture.

Knives at the dinner table are also considered to be a sign of very poor taste by those who embrace Confucianism beliefs. The standards of quality and taste that Confucius recommended required the perfect blend of ingredients, herbs and condiments--a blend which would result in the perfect combination of flavor. Confucius also emphasized the importance of the texture and color of a dish, and taught that food must be prepared and eaten with harmony. Interestingly enough, Confucius was also of the opinion that an excellent cook must first make an excellent matchmaker.

Taoism and Chinese Cuisine
Those who follow the Taoism beliefs focus on the health benefits of particular foods vs. the presentation of the same. Taoists search for foods that will increase their health and longevity. They search for foods that have healing powers. Many times these benefits were often referred to as ‘life giving powers’. For instance, the Chinese found that ginger, which can be considered to be a garnish or a condiment was found to be a remedy for upset stomachs or a remedy for colds.

Is Chinese Food Healthy?
Chinese food, when authentic is probably the healthiest food in the world. Some restaurants, which are not authentic, prepare their menu with highly saturated fats or with meats that contain unhealthy amounts of animal fat. These Chinese restaurants are not recommended and they are both neither authentic nor healthy.

Good Chinese food however, is prepared and cooked with poly-unsaturated oils. Authentic Chinese food does not require the use of milk-fat ingredients such as cream, butter or cheese. Meat is used, but not in abundance, which makes it easy for those who love authentic Chinese food to avoid high levels of animal fat. Many believe that authentic Chinese food is really the ideal diet.

Chinese Restaurants in Every Part of the Nation
Whether it is in a Tennessee Chinese Restaurant to a New York Chinese restaurant you are going to find culinary dishes that are both healthy and delicious. Savor the flavor with Chinese food!

For more Free Resources visit www.dishadvice.com

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Why You Can Not Have a Wedding Without Wedding Favours

Planning a wedding takes a lot of careful analysis, time management and budget assessment. However, a lot of brides fall short on the last bit. Budget forecast. The first thing they would think of is to cut a fraction of their expenses by foregoing wedding favours. Of course, it seems like a logical choice. Some bridal shops would even recommend it. Why would you tighten your spending on your plus size wedding dress? Or your shoes? Or your menu? You have been dreaming about your plus size wedding dress, your shoes and your menu for months. It would be rather unfair if you suddenly alter it, right?

However, have you considered how being unfair you also are to deprive your wedding guests of little souvenirs of your special day? Most brides have not considered that. Wedding favours are actually considered gifts from you and your fiancé to your guests.

There are so many reasons why you should not forego giving away wedding favours to your guests. We will point out a few of them in this article.

Wedding favours show your guests how much you appreciate their presence. It shows graciousness, gratitude and proper etiquette. Guests would definitely leave a wedding, whose hosts possess those qualities, smiling. Wedding favours also serve as mementos. Don't you think it would be great if you give each of your guests a little something which would stir the earnestness and warmth of your wedding day? These little keepsakes are whole lot better and more intimate than just giving your guests copies of wedding photographs.

Wedding favours show thoughtfulness. It means that you have put in much consideration into its preparation. Guests know when wedding favours are hastily chosen from out of a bridal shop's catalogue or if wedding favours are carefully deliberated.

Wedding favours give guests an idea of the bride and the groom's personalities. The guests get a glimpse of the bride and the groom's interests and persona. Hence, it is highly recommended that your wedding favours portray a bit of the bride and the groom's fascinations.

Wedding favours symbolize love and eternity. The hopeless romantics will definitely rejoice. Receiving wonderful wedding favours would increase well-wishers and supporters of your matrimony.

To sum it all up, these wedding favours are actually essential aspects of your wedding day. It is impolite and rude to celebrate your special day without giving little thank you trinkets to your guests. These wedding favours are indispensable -- although not nearly as indispensable as your plus size wedding dress. Wedding celebrations ought to be a happy, marvelous occasion. That not only goes for the bride and the groom, but for all of your guests. Make each and every person on your special day as comfortable and pleased as they could be. By the wedding favours that you so heartily chose for them, you can bring smiles of gratitude into each of their faces. Each one of their smiles and well-wishes will surely ring through your mind for the years to come.

For a bridal shop that offers everything from plus size wedding dresses to wedding favours, visit BestForBride.com.

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How Much Money Should You Spend on Wedding Favours?

Although many couples wish that they could spend just any amount of money on their wedding, the reality is nothing of the sort. Because many couples are on a budget, there are many limitations to what they can and cannot do for their wedding, reception, and honeymoon. These monetary limitations are impressed upon the purchase and availability of wedding favours as well. When planning a wedding, it is important to think about what your budget is and what is appropriate to spend on every aspect of the wedding, including the wedding favours.

When considering wedding favours, it is common for couples to wonder how much is too much or too little to spend. A good way to maintain a classy level of spending on wedding favours is to set a budget. That way, you will not seem too cheap or too extravagant. This will also help you get the most for your money when shopping for wedding favours. It is important to remember that the budget set aside for wedding favours will be different for every couple.
When planning for the wedding favours, you should keep in mind whether your wedding is more upscale or more down to earth. Depending on the style of your wedding, you will be able to choose appropriate and tasteful wedding favours. Wedding favours for more casual weddings will obviously cost less than those for more upscale weddings. For example, if everyone knows the bride spent thousands on her gown and the reception is held at an exclusive venue, cheap trinkets won’t do so well. The same goes for a barefoot beach wedding – you wouldn’t expect silver candlesticks as favours.

The general rule for wedding favours is to spend at least £1 per favour, or thereabouts. So, think about how many guests are invited and there’s your budget! So, if you are planning to invite about 100 people to your wedding, plan to spend around £100 on your wedding favours. Once you have your budget, you will have an excellent idea of what you will be able to afford for your wedding favours. (This will end up alleviating a lot of stress later on down the road.)

Whether you decide to purchase your wedding favours or to make them at home, the most important thing is to set your budget. Once that is done, the fun can begin. There are many bridal websites, bridal books, and magazines that can help you come up with interesting and stylish wedding favour ideas – many of which you may have never seen before. Furthermore, once you have your budget in mind, you will be able to shop around. Some favours may cost more at one retailer but a lot less at another. Also many online retailers will offer a discount for buying wedding favours in bulk – so the savvy wedding planner will always shop around.

Pink Products, the online wedding store created specifically for gay and lesbian couples wishing to tie the knot.For further information about the wedding favours we offer for civil partnerships and marriages.

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How to Know Good Wedding Planners

When you decide to wed, you consider many things that help you organize or plan for your wedding. You might find that you want to make your work easier and therefore you hire wedding planners. Wedding planners have the job of planning your wedding. It is not just any kind of planning but; it is good planning. To have an excellent wedding, you need to have good planners this is the key to success in this regard. You will therefore have the job of looking for planners who can best suit your description. It is vital for you to have the characteristic of good planners so that you can know what you are looking for. There are no two things; it is success for the ceremony or nothing. Take time to really look around and see who is out there. Planners can be in form of companies or individuals. You want to hire planners who have some experience in the industry. This way, you stand a better chance of having what you want for your wedding.

Good wedding planners are first and foremost qualified. This is to say that they carry a legitimate license to practice the business. They must have studied or learnt the art of planning a wedding. This may not always be judged by academic qualifications. The bottom line is that they need to know the job. Good wedding planners are likable. This is to say that they can talk and negotiate in a winning way. They need to show zeal and enthusiasm. Nobody wants to have drags for planners. Many times, confidence and gusto will help you decide the kind of planners you want to have. These traits are hard to be noticed or gotten from a first meeting. Therefore, you will need to know more of their background and experiences. You can do this by visiting them as they take you through what they have done in regard to planning weddings. When you state what you want for your wedding, listen carefully to how they strategize. Most people will get to establish whether they are familiar with what they are doing or not.

Good wedding planners do not panic in the middle of crisis. They must always offer a solution to something that seems to be going wrong. Their sense of fashion needs to be up there. This is because modern trends are great to include at a wedding. They must know their clients very well and know places where they can get the best bargains for weddings. They should also know the best music suitable for occasions like weddings. In other words, they need to have answers to most questions about weddings in detail; this is their job. Therefore, as you embark on searching for planners, keep this in mind. Go online and look for planners and what they have to offer. You will also be looking at how expensive planners are. There is no reason to pay large sums of money to planners when there are planners who can do a similar job at lower prices. In other words, you have many options.

Francis  Githinji

Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project Free Online Dating Service Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success, Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At Dating And Relationships

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