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Paint Colors For Home Office Furniture and Walls

Home office paint color ideas can totally transform how you feel about the space and even how you feel about work. If clients come to your office it's imperative that you present a put together space but this doesn't mean that you can't show off your personality too. Use paint to inexpensively transform your room and your existing office furniture into an space that inspires you to work. This may even be the jumping off point for starting your own business or just creating a space that is uniquely yours in the home.

Colors for a home office should be soothing but that doesn't mean that they can't be interesting. You can use a nature inspired color palette of taupes, grays and greens. Choose one piece of furniture in the room to give special attention to such as a plain filing cabinet or a desktop. You can use tape and stencils to create an intricate pattern that looks like mosaic or wallpaper. This is the piece that will pop in the room and will keep the space from being boring, even if you do use neutral colors. When working with these types of color palettes you'll need to pay extra attention to what colors your office supplies are. You may need to stay away from brightly colored paper clips and desk accessories and instead use small metal urns and wicker baskets to store your supplies for a cohesive design.

You can turn the free office furniture you already have into a piece that you actually want. Painted furniture is very popular in home decor so bring that feel into you office. This is especially important if your office doubles as a guest room. A secretary desk or armoire will look just like a piece of bedroom furniture.

You can create a hand painted floral finish on your cabinets even if you aren't an artist. Just go with stencils. To keep the look from being too cutesy or country use muted colors. Break up the stencil so it has a sense of flow and add a few dots and dashes to leaves and flowers. These imperfections will keep the painting from looking like a cheap stencil even though it is. Use a glaze to distress the entire piece. For a more modern or traditional look use different colors of stain on the front of drawers or cabinets. Keep the pattern in clean lines but show off the beauty of the wood grain with a few different colors like black and mahogany.

The walls can act as home office art to save money and keep things from becoming too cluttered. This may be the only room in the house that is just yours, so make it special. Your husband might not like a purple living room so use it in your office space instead. You'll want to choose a shade that you can still work in. Then you'll need to accent with neutral furniture; you can even make purple look contemporary with stainless steel desks and gray floating shelves. Bounce a lot of light around the space by hanging several mirrors on the wall.

Home office paint colors can evoke emotions or just save you a lot of money on replacing your office furniture. Use paint to create a space that you love to work in, even if you don't always love your work.

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