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Surviving Your 1st Wedding - Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

In the eleventh hour, your best friend who's getting married is in tears.

The professional she hired to photograph her wedding bailed. You happen to have a digital SLR and all of a sudden you're it. Here's my survival guide for you.

1. Make a "Shot List".

Think of this as your "storyboard."

A guide to the different scenes you want to see if you were doing a movie.

This shot list will break down what you might concentrate on in the 3 phases of any wedding: preparations, ceremony and reception.

It's your cheatsheet on the order of the events, various arrangements for the formal portraits, so go over this with the couple.

2. Shoot lots of candids.

Just because you have everyone bossing you around, telling you to take their picture, it doesn't mean you have to pose all your subjects in every picture.

3. Scout out the location.

If the ceremony, reception and preparations are all at one location, then you can thank your lucky stars. Count on starting your day with the bride wherever she plans to get dressed. She may do this at the church or at home, so count on knowing the route.

4. Borrow or rent a second camera body similar to the one you own.

Since you'll be working quickly, having identical camera bodies will allow you change settings faster. Consider renting identical flash units if you don't have one. Never shoot a wedding with just one camera. Always have a backup. If you have to rent more memory cards and batteries for the cameras, do so.It will be worth your piece of mind.

5. Shoot closeups or details

Be on the lookout for tight shots of the diamond rings, bouquet of flowers, party favors, textures on the bride's gown et cetera. These will make good backdrops for albums and backgrounds for DVD menus. These detail pictures will also give you variety in your coverage.

6. Do as many of the formal group portraits beforehand.

If the couple is open to this and don't mind seeing each other before the ceremony, do as many of the formals portraits beforehand.

7. Enlist the help of Maid-of-honor.

Women like this role more often than men. (Must be their maternal instincts)

The Maid-of-honor is usually more than happy to help. If you don't hit it off with her, try the Best Man.

8. Establish a rapport with the DJ & Wedding Coordinator.

Get to know the DJ & Wedding Coordinator. Being on the same page with both of them means you will be scrambling and out of position for the toast, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the first dance and so on.

9. Be considerate of the other guests.

Even though what you're doing is important, don't be obnoxious. If another guest is in your way, ask politely for them to move.

10. Don't forget to enjoy yourself.

You can't be expected to be everywhere especially if this is your 1st wedding. Generally speaking, once the ceremony and the formal portraits are done, you can catch a breather. The rest of the proceedings will not happen without the DJ & wedding coordinator consulting you if you followed tip #8.

Remember if you're not having fun taking pictures, your images will reflect that.

If you have any interest at all in creative wedding photography, see what other tips professional photographer Peter Phun has to share. Peter Phun is an adjunct photography instructor at Riverside City College. He is a freelance photographer, web designer and stay-at-home dad. He previously worked as a staff photographer for 18 years at The Press-Enterprise, Southern California's 4th largest daily newspaper. Peter is the webmaster for the Mac user group in the Inland Empire. For more information about this Riverside based photographer, visit http://www.peterphun.com

Peter Phun - EzineArticles Expert Author

Hybrid Car Rental from DriveAway Holidays

As people become more aware of environmental issues and conscious of their actions, demand for hybrid cars, to buy and rent, has risen.

A hybrid car is a car which can run on two or more fuel sources - most commonly an engine and an electric motor powered by batteries. The motor and batteries help the engine work more efficiently which means you spend less on fuel and emit fewer emissions.

The Toyota Prius is probably the most well known hybrid car. It first went on sale in 1997 and since then, more than 10,000 Prius' have been sold in Australia. The Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide website rates all new vehicles based on greenhouse and air pollution emissions and fuel consumption. The Prius is currently the top performer in all 3 with a fuel consumption of 4.4L per 100kms.

To give you an idea of what this means - a Hummer H3 Adventure has a fuel consumption level of 13.2L/100km, Toyota Rav 4's fuel consumption is 9.6L, a Mercedes Benz C Class C180K is 7.6L and a Honda Civic 1.8L sedan has a fuel consumption of 7.2L. According to Toyota, a Prius has up to 50% less consumption than a comparably-sized family car and that one tank of fuel could theoretically get you over a whopping 1000km!

While hybrid cars are still quite expensive to buy - a Toyota Prius 1.5L petrol/Electric combination CVT will set you back $37,400 (from www.toyota.com.au), renting one may be within your budget.

DriveAway currently have Hybrids

available to rent in France and the USA, but with car rental suppliers adding more ‘green' cars to their fleets, this is sure to grow over the next few years.

Renting a hybrid does cost more than renting a similar sized non-hybrid car (due to supply and demand and the fact that hybrids are more expensive for the rental company to buy), but you will save money on fuel and of course, it's better for the environment. Click here for more details.

Car Guru

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Finding the Perfect Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

I love summer weddings. My favorite weddings are the ones held outdoors under a pop up tent or some custom printed canopies with a cool summer breeze blowing through them.

Outdoor weddings are often magical and unforgettable events and yet they bring some not-so-magical realities when it comes to planning from bare logo tents needing to be decorated to a gazillion cars and no place to park them all Yet despite all of the pitfalls, planning an outdoor wedding reception is well worth the time and effort.

Outdoor weddings beneath custom printed canopies both are romantic and beautiful. However, planning one and seeing it through isn't quite as easy as you may think. A wedding reception held outside with graphic tents comes with its own set of caveats and pitfalls

. Try a few of these following tips, and you'll be sure to shine on the day of your wedding. Location and size Once you've found a few local pop up tent vendors, it is important to consider the size of the location where your wedding reception is being held. If this particular outdoor location has limited space to hold graphic tents, you may be force to look elsewhere. When measuring the area, keep in mind that larger logo tents require space on all sides of the tent for poles and such. Guests The amount of guests is the next point to consider. The size of the guest list plays a huge role in the size of the logo tents you'll need. If your reception is smaller and more intimate, smaller printed canopies are more suitable.

Larger crowds will mean larger tents, obviously. Figure out the number of people you will need for your logo tents to accommodate everyone comfortably. Be sure to allot for everything requiring space such as dance floors, stages, banquet tables and such. Theme Think about what type of reception you are holding. Is it a sit-down dinner with round tables or banquet tables? Is your reception going to more cocktail party and need only a few tables and chairs? Time and season The time and season your reception is an important factor to think about when the printed canopies and tables set up as well as the amount of lighting needed. If your reception takes place in the afternoon with a cocktail party set-up, smaller custom printed canopies with no additional lighting are perfectly acceptable.

Now you can see why many people are choosing an outdoor wedding beneath printed canopies as opposed to the traditional and boring indoor type. A beautiful reception under logo tents with a sunset in the backdrop is much more personal than any hotel ballroom. It allows being more creative from the start and creating the atmosphere. It's the wedding you always dreamed about from start to finish.

Susan Slobac

Susan Slobac writes about outdoor canopies and pop up canopy tents.

How to find a Great Band for Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important life-events and finding the right band to play at your reception can make or break the day. A lot of people use DJ’s because they are less expensive and have a wider range of music but they lack the vibrant and magical atmosphere that can be created with the presence of a good live band. A good wedding band will charge anything between £500 to £2000, but you definitely get what you pay for. Here are some of the considerations in choosing a wedding band:

The Time Of Year

You can expect to pay more for a wedding band in August than if you decide to get married in February. A band that has built up a reputation (especially with agents) as being a good wedding band will usually be in a position to dictate which bookings they want to take, certainly at the busiest times of the year.

The number of people in the band.

What you pay will be split between the members of the band, therefore don't be surprised to find that a nine piece soul band wants more than a four piece! Additionally there is the matter of space; the venue for your evening function may dictate the size of the band you can have, in fact in some cases you may find that due to the size of your function room you will only have room for a disco.

How Long Will The Band Play For?

Live bands will usually play three 45 minute sets or two 1 hour plus sets. Bands prefer to play two longer sets; the reason? 45 minutes of music usually equates to about 10 songs which means that just when you have everyone in the party and dance mood it's time to stop for a break so a one hour plus session will keep all the dancing queens happy.

What Type Of Band Should I Be Looking For?

Simple this one – just because YOU love Pink Floyd, it doesn’t mean you have to have a Pink Floyd Tribute Band! Your wedding guests may not be as appreciative as you. Despite it being 'your day', you have your guests to think about and at most weddings (because of the generations being bridged) you will have to try and please all the people all the time; you may like soul music but will your guests be happy with an entire evening of it?

The other option that some people go for is to have a particular type of Tribute Band (Abba, Commitments, Madonna...). I won't prattle on about these too much other than it is usually best to go through a reputable agent so you know that the "Robbie Williams" you are getting is not just a weekend karaoke pub singer with a shaved head, a James Bond suit and a collection of well dodgy backing tapes! Most Tribute Bands will usually do one 45 - 60 minute set which covers that particular artists greatest hits (which is great if everyone likes that artist and not so great if they don't) so with most tribute acts you will probably also need a dj.

The most popular type of bands for a wedding are those that do ‘covers’. Covers are simply when the band plays a well-known song; this is extremely popular with wedding guests as they can relate to the music being played. The best bands will be able to play some of the all-time classic pieces, but speak to them first and tell them what you are looking for. They should have lots of experience and will be able to give you some advice.

Whatever you do, plan and book early. But most of all – enjoy your wedding day!


About the Author: Mike Armstrong is the owner and webmaster of a Wedding Band website where you can find a great Dance Band for your wedding and the best Wedding Band Hampshire has to offer.

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Bridal Makeup Tips to Find the Right Professional Stylist

Wedding day is the most important day in the life of a woman and every young girl desires to look at her best on this blessed day in her life. On the day of your wedding you want your makeup to look perfect. Bridal makeup is a clean, flawless, pearly and enhanced makeup. Some important tips to make you look as gorgeous as a queen. For brides with oily skin, be sure to avoid any harsh skin treatments as these can actually increase the amount of oil in your skin. Use heavy-pigmented cream foundation and layer it with powder foundation to make the skin look smoother. Use a handkerchief tucked in the bouquet to wipe lipstick from your groom's mouth after the kiss. When choosing a lipstick, be sure to select one that lasts.

Keep your lipstick, facial powder and mascara in your purse (in case you need to freshen up). For a perfect eye shape, use a small brush to blend a medium tone color from just below the brow arch downwards in a semi-circle motion. Use light peach eye shadow as eyelid base. Avoid using Retin A and Alpha Hydroxy creams prior to the wedding day. Exfoliate your skin with a manual exfoliator the day before your wedding. Choose lip liner that blends easily with lipstick for that soft glossy look that looks good in photographs too. Don't ever pluck or wax brows the day of the wedding. There's always the chance overdoing it and you could develop red rashes. Always brush your teeth before hand to ensure clean, fresh teeth.

Apply your lipstick with a lip brush. First one layer of lipstick, blot with a tissue, and apply the second layer. Have your eyebrows plucked and shaped at least a week before your wedding. Don't pluck them the day of your wedding or you may end up with red bumps. Don't ever pluck or wax brows the day of the wedding. There's always the chance overdoing it and you could develop red rashes. Use a concealer shade similar to the foundation and blend both well. Remove all traces of makeup the night before your wedding. Avoid dry lips by putting a lip moisturizer on your lips before bed and the morning of your wedding. Your face should be clean and product free when the make-up artist arrives.

Bridal Makeup Tips

1. Do not use soap if the skin is dry.

2. Regular massage gives natural glow to the skin.

3. When choosing a lipstick, be sure to select one that lasts.

4. Don't pluck them the day of your wedding or you may end up with red bumps.

5. Don't ever pluck or wax brows the day of the wedding.

6. Use a concealer shade similar to the foundation and blend both well.

7. Avoid dry lips by putting a lip moisturizer on your lips before bed and the morning of your wedding.

Simon Merkel

Preparing for Your Wedding Photo Shoot

It’s always nice to know what you’re in for when you have your wedding photos done as this will prepare you mentally. Important questions to consider prior to your big day would be what style of photos you prefer as this can be either traditional, spontaneous, arty etc. Another question would be whether you’d prefer colour, sepia or black and white photos; with or without frames or a mix of everything. This all needs to be discussed with your wedding photographer before the wedding day - besides the fact that he/she needs to know what your preferences and requirements are, the photographer can give you some guidance and advice on must-have shots so that the photos you imagine can take on real life form.

Although there are so many hair styles to choose from, keep in mind that you’ll have to look at these photos for ever, so I would advise against anything very different or extreme (the kids will probably just tease you about this later!). If you want your wedding photos to be timeless, go for a classic, simplistic hair style that would be easy to manage throughout your photo shoot and day.

Its important to have a trial run with your make-up to avoid last minute disappointment. You know what you feel comfortable with, again, this needs to suit your personality. You want to mingle with your guests feeling comfortable and self assured. Your wedding make-up should compliment you, not change you - rather keep it natural and fresh.

Keep the main thing the main thing - firstly you need to feel comfortable and most importantly be yourself so that your unique personality would reflect on the photos. But a girl needs all the help she can get and if a few props will help you to relax and have fun – why not! Take some props with or ask the photographer to supply some interesting objects that you can use during your photo shoot, for example a hat, colourful sarong (that will double up to keep your dress clean in case you have to get down and dirty), a wedding invitation, your garter, a cigar for the groom etc . Give your photographer some healthy attitude and the right tools to be creative.

We so often invest our precious time in things that won’t last – yes, its important that you look absolutely breathtaking but besides looking beautiful, the photo shoot takes priority as this is what you would take with you long after the champagne has lost its bubble. You can either shy away and lose out on stunning memories or you can forget yourself, go beyond yourself and have fun!

SA Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photojournalism - Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photos

Wedding photojournalism is a form of journalism that includes collecting wedding information, editing the information and presenting it in a way it can tell a story. A Toronto photographer makes most decisions on the spot depending on their discretion to capture the best moments. When it comes to wedding photos most grooms and their brides want pictures that are descriptive and all the moments captured especially the unscripted ones. Wedding Photojournalism has become very popular as an art since wedding photos are now necessary in most Toronto weddings.

It is important to get a professional wedding photographer who has a journalistic eye to ensure the photographs are amazing, unique, and spectacular. The Toronto photographer captures the entire mood of the day and ensures the couple has wonderful memories of the days happenings all contained in their wedding photos. Every couple looks for a wedding photographer who is able to concentrate on applying documentary photography abilities to capture all the moments of the Toronto wedding.

Shooting wedding photos is an art and the wedding photographer needs to know which angle and location are ideal for brilliant wedding photos. A Toronto photographer who is a talented professional in the industry approaches photography in a firm documentary way. A Toronto photographer knows how to blend traditional style and candid photojournalism to create elegant images in wedding photos that tell a story. The wedding photographer is challenged to find the patterns and bring them out in the Toronto weddings to enhance wedding stories. The other quality of a good wedding photographer is to be quick to capture moments in wedding photos and be creative.

Some of the important facts to clarify from the Toronto photographer include the packages being offered and how many cameras they will use. This will largely depend on the size of the hall and the number of people invited. Other questions one can ask are the period of time it will take to produce the wedding DVD and what are the consequences of late production, how much deposit is required before the day, and what form of payment is accepted. Whether cash, credit cards or cheque. Find out how long they cover the event and if you can see samples of work they have done before and if they have guarantees to offer.

Wedding photos enable people to revisit special moments as they look at them. It was not common in the previous generations to have many wedding photos because of the process that was involved. But producing wedding photos has advanced greatly with the emergence of roll films and camera flash. Toronto weddings receive services that are very flexible and that have been customized to the clients needs. Some of the services include photo enlargements, photo albums and thank you cards. Some photographers even offer engagement coverage. They have the latest digital technologies which help a wedding photographer produce images that are outstanding in quality. Digital technology gives wedding photos creative and technical flexibility when shooting them at the wedding and especially when editing during production.

Rafi Michael
Wedding Photojournalism We offera full range of affordable packages for your consideration. We offer a sit down consultation with your wedding photographer in Toronto and custom design your own. Babylon Wedding Photographers offer a complete service right down to designing a wedding album which can include traditional wedding photos, photojournalism style wedding photo shoots, and romantic imagery. for more infoWedding Photographer

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Wedding Day Makeup Tips

So you've got the perfect dress, the perfect shoes and everything is set. But wait a minute! You didn't forget about your face didn't you? So what is the most important thing about your wedding day makeup? That is to look like yourself. Be the blushing bride that you truly are. You basically want to look your best without looking like you're trying way too hard. Okay, look at it this way, if your look is way too harsh because of too much, well, too much of everything just imagine yourself looking back at the photos and cringing at the very sight of you. You don't want that to happen, right? So make sure that, whatever look you go for, it brings out your natural beauty.

The best way to do this is practice before the big day. Practice makes perfect and that applies to pretty much everything. Whether you're having your makeup done by a professional or if perhaps it's a D-I-Y case, practicing on your face beforehand would give you a better grasp of what works and what doesn't. Say you want to get it done at a salon, be sure to schedule for a trial session with the makeup artist. This would give both of you time to talk about the look you want as well as try on a variety of colors. You probably would be to anxious to be able to relay to him or her the look that you want if you two were to meet on the day itself.

If you decide to just do things on your own, practice is key. It is referred to as wedding day makeup which means it is special and thus the extra preparation needed. Try various techniques as well as colors. A great tip is to visit your local beauty store and talk to the lady who assists people with the choosing. She would be able to help you pick out colors that would be right for you as well as show you the right way to use them. Practicing beforehand would make sure that you won't be fretting and panicking on your big day just because the colors don't match or they are too dark for the occasion. Preparation is key.

If you do decide to go DIY, here are a few tips that would help you perfect that natural "blushing bride" look.

For your face, make sure that the foundation you're using matches your skin tone perfectly. You would also want to make sure that it blends easily to your skin. Because let's face it, you've heard way too many stories of wedding day makeup disasters such as the foundation lines and the "cake face" when flash is used in photos. Look for a foundation that would work well with your skin type. If you have oily skin you should use an oil-matte free foundation as this would help minimize the shine. If you have dry skin, look for a foundation that also doubles as a moisturizer to make sure that your skin looks soft and dewy the entire day.

Concealers are also a basic. I'm sure you won't get much sleep before the big day itself so what better way to hide those dark circles than with a concealer! Just don't abuse it as you can actually draw more attention to your dark eye circles if you use way too much of it. A great tip to prevent this is to mix it together with a bit of your foundation before you apply it. That way you'll get flawless, clean look instead of the cakey and pasty one. Next step is to set your foundation with some loose powder.

Vivian Timson
PART 2 - For part two of this article, head on to Wedding Day Makeup and to find many other great beauty tips visit Colorescience Mineral Makeup.

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Golden Tips for Bridal Makeup

On the wedding day the Indian bride wants to look best when all when all eyes are set on her. Bride's make up, hairstyle and outfit should be perfectly matched. Her overall look should match her personality. From the bridal outfit to her make up and hairstyle everything should add to her beauty and compliment each other. For a bride her wedding dress is of her most priority.

On your wedding day, you want to look fabulous-but remain true to yourself. You don't want to look like a stranger in your wedding photos.

1. Don’t usually wear makeup? Bend your rule just a little. At the very least, your skin should look flawless and glowing

2. Go through magazines to help you decide how you want your wedding makeup to look before you meet with a makeup artist or purchase any cosmetics. You might want to do this with your groom if you have heard him say things like "you don't need any makeup," "you're beautiful just the way you are," or "just wear what you usually wear." You should let him know that wedding makeup is applied a little differently for photography and that it needs to last all day. If possible, include him when looking through the magazines for wedding makeup styles.

3. To cover the reddish skin, use sheer color corrector and apply tinted moisturizer of yellowish green or olive green shade to neutralize it.

4. Pink color blush is not for the wedding day, generally speaking. Try bronzer under cheekbones instead.

5. For brides with oily skin, be sure to avoid any harsh skin treatments as these can actually increase the amount of oil in your skin. A better alternative is to being a skin care routine with cleansers and balancers made specifically for your skin type.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup in the months leading up to the wedding. You should aim to have your makeup choices made at least a month before the wedding so that you can be sure you do not have nasty reactions to new products.

7. Don’t feel that your bridal makeup needs to be very heavy for it to look good in pictures. If you do this, your wedding makeup will only look as though it's been caked on.

8. Apply two layers of waterproof mascara, having few seconds pause between, to avoid smudging Make sure you use smudge proof eye makeup. Wedding ceremonies take a longer time and you might rub the eyes accidentally. Eye shadow should compliment your skin tone and the outfit your wear. Use eyelashes for a dramatic look.

9. Don't forget to carry all of your bridal makeup with you. You never know when you may need to reapply makeup at your wedding.

10. Use a long-lasting lipstick. When they first came out, most were dry and not suitable for a day-filled with close-ups and endless congratulatory kisses. But the new generation wised up with separate color and moisturizer. Apply the color once at the beginning of the day, and remoisturize a couple of times to keep lips luscious and picture-perfect. My favorites are the Cover Girl Outlast All-day Lipcolor.

Peter sams

Hidden Spy Cam - Beneficial and Effective Innovation - Wireless Hidden Pen Camera

I am the head of the education department which means I am the principal of a college where many children of all families come there to study. All the rich and the poor students are treated alike in the college premises. There are various departments in the college premises and various teachers are also appointed to take care of the children. I have a separate cabin where I have to follow all the proceedings with extra care and see that there are no troubles created in the college premises. After a few days I started getting complaints from some of the parents that their children are given ill treatment in the college just because they are not financially good and they are poor and that they do not wear good clothes or carry expensive stationery with them, which means not only the other children but also the teachers were involved in teasing these children. They were usually teased during the class hours. When I got such complaints I had to take appropriate action against the culprits but equally I needed evidence so that I could punish them for their offense. I could merely not take against them without any proof in my hand because even I had to answer my higher authorities. Anyhow I decided that I will handle this situation with intelligence without any body's help. I logged on to the site where I got all the possible information about the various hidden cameras, the spy cameras and hoe they are beneficial to us and I decided that I will buy a Wireless Hidden Pen Camera because this 2.4GHz camera has everything in it including a transmitter, a RCA cable, receiver, battery set and a control adapter for the receiver. I just had to set the receiver to the video inlet on the TV, VCR or the Monitor screen and watch the recordings.

Indeed this sparkling and eye catching pen was the essential device which could help me to survey the actions of the culprits very effortlessly. With just a simple push to the tip of the pen and it starts its work with perfection giving a transmission range up to approximate 60m of area of coverage. I simply kept this Wireless Hidden Pen Camera in the pen holder which was kept on the desk of the room where the teachers against whom I was getting constant complaints about. The teachers and the children were least aware that now all their actions were being trapped in the camera and then they would be punished for their misbehavior. When everything is planned properly and when we have such innovative devices, then obviously there is no space for any mistakes. Gradually I gathered enough evidence against the teachers and the children who were creating trouble in the college premises and I reported the matter to the higher authorities with evidence and quick action was taken against them and all the parents and the students were happy that at last their problem was solved and even I was excited that I got the opportunity to save the innocent with the help of the innovative Wireless hidden pen camera.

Raul Crasmin

Spy Pen Camera Recorder Intro

Hidden Pen Introduce A hidden camera is a still or video camera used to film people without their knowledge. The camera is “hidden” because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object. Hidden cameras have become popular for household surveillance, and can be built into common household objects such as smoke detectors, clock radios, motion detectors, ball caps, plants, and cellphones. Hidden cameras may also be used commercially or industrially as security cameras.

Spy Pen Categora:

  • Video Spy Pen - You can slip it in to your pocket, then click the button for instant color pictures and audio recording. The picture quality is high, the audio is clear enough.
    You can easily attach the receiver to a TV or VCR to record your surveillance footage.
    The only issue is you need the receiver (you get this included) to be within 100 meters and in line of sight of the spy pen – this does limit your uses for using a video spy pen so unless highly important a combination of the still camera pen and the audio pen offer great mobility and detailed surveillance possibilities.
  • Digital Image Spy Pen - The pen is totally self sufficient and can be carried anywhere - perfect for on the move surveillance.
    This digital camera spy pen looks totally normal and writes totally normal as well. No one will know that you’re taking their picture. The 36 pictures it stores in its 2MB memory are good enough in quality for recording documents, files or regular images. The focus and exposure is all auto, and the battery life seems very long (they say 500 pictures but it seems more).
  • Audio Spy Pen Camera - The audio spy pen is another one suited for “on the move” surveillance (it’s worth considering to take both; a still image and an audio spy pen to cover all eventualities.
    My favorite audio spy pen is digital, has 128 MB of memory, can record up to 8 hours of audio - it can be carried and used anywhere. You can disguise it as a key-ring with the parts included and it is internally rechargeable – no batteries to replace.

    Spy Pen on the Market

    2G/4G/8G mini spy pen camera recorder wholesale

    spy camera pen wholesale

    That spy pen camera can be use as Pen, 4 GB Pen USB drive, Pin-hole Camera, Voice recorder, Color video recorder

  • Built-in Flash Memory: 2GB,4GB,8GB (Approx. 28 hours Recording time)
  • Connection Interface: USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 Compatible)
  • PC Compatibility: USB Plug & Play
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Battery Type: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Battery Up Time: Approx. 2 Hours
  • Power Supply: USB Port
  • Dimensions(mm): 150(H)x15(W)x15(D)
  • Weight: 70g
  • Available Colors: Silver/Black
  • Video Format: AVI 640(W) x 480(H) Pixels
  • Audio/Voice Format: PCM 128kbps
  • Video Colors: Full Color
  • Video Frame Rate: 12 FPS
  • Data Rate: 34kbps
  • Video File Size: >2200KB per min
  • Data Transfer Speed: 700kB/s (Read) 600kB/S(write)
  • System Requirement: WINDOWS 2000/XP/LINUX
  • lincoln2tg li

    The Flower, the Florist and the Flower Shop

    What do these words have in common: flower, florist, flower shop? Apart from all containing the root of the word 'flower', there is much more that they should share. Naturally, tied by the human force of the florist, the flowers and the flower shop are intricately connected. Beyond knowing that they're connected, it's important to ascertain that the connection is a good one that you, as a client, will want to involve yourself in. What to look for will be a combination of the three. Make sure that on top of providing the flowers you love, the flowers are also of top quality. The florist should be a willing accomplice in ensuring that you get exactly what you ask for, exceeding your own expectations. The flower shop is vital to exceed the expectations. If the flower shop is good and reliable, you will not only get a beautiful bouquet, but it will arrive extremely fresh and on time. Be sure the florist you choose works mutually well with both the flowers and the flower shop. This will ensure a happy customer with a product that is better than imagined.
    Flowers, which have been and continue to be the symbol of natural beauty throughout the ages, are one realm of fashion that has not dramatically evolved. This speaks strongly in favor of flowers, indicating their timelessness and perfection that needs no improvement. Thus, when ordering flowers, what you need to consider is not the fashion of flowers, but the preference of the receiver. Once you have decided upon the type of flower, you must find a flower shop that provides your desired selection at optimal quality. A flower's quality depends very much on the care the florist gives, but beyond the florist's care, it is optimal that the flowers come straight from the growers or from a flower auction. This ensures their freshness, as the time spent in travel is diminished when flowers make fewer trips to reach their flower shop destination. Flowers are known to positively influence the human psyche, so be sure to go all the way with this positive influence by buying the freshest flowers you can find on the market.
    Knowing of this positive effect of flowers on people, you should expect your florist to be an optimistic and friendly person - in short, the positive effect of the flowers should not be lost in the worries of their job. A talented florist is not only capable of creating a beautiful arrangement, but also willing and interested in making arrangements with you to ensure the arrival of the bouquet you envision. While the florist is an artist, who must use creativity as a tool of the job, the florist has many more roles to fulfill. One of the most important of these additional roles is the sensitivity of the florist: the florist is not merely putting flowers together, but understanding what event you need the flowers for, what type of person the flowers are directed to - the florist must have the capacity to understand and sympathize with the difficulties and joys in life of every occasion, demonstrating this capacity in the end result: the flower arrangement. If the florist deals directly with the grower, either at the grower's location or through a flower auction, this is a good indicator of the florist, showing someone who cuts the chase directly to the source, lowering prices for himself and his client, by being more direct. The florist, as aforementioned, is a person who creates the connection between flowers and flower shop, between grower and consumer. A person of vital importance, the florist is a person who is impressive and establishes a good rapport with you, his client.
    The flower shop is the last, but not the least important, of our floral trinity. The flower shop completes the picture. The flower shop is the entity which makes the talent and efficiency of the florist possible; it is the florist's workshop and tool bench, if you will, while also serving to keep the flowers in fresh and good condition. It is the flower shop that ensures delivery of flowers to their final destination not merely as a beautiful bouquet, but as fresh, lush, and blooming living creations - as alive as a rainforest. In addition, the flower shop plays a role in influencing the consumer and shaping his judgment as regards the whole package of the shop. Online photographs of available bouquets do more than indicate the variety of flowers and caliber of the florist. The photographs, as well as the whole website, are indicators of the organization and professionalism of the company. The self-expression of a company speaks loudly. Reading testimonials on websites is also an indicator of the combination of the flowers, the florist, and the flower shop. It takes a strong performance from each of the participants to make a client happy.
    Flowers are, without doubt, a classic, and yet exquisite gift. Unique and living, they are different from all other gifts, and manage to convey emotions at the same time as they are serving a role as a present. Thus, to optimize and reach this potential of emotion that flowers can induce, it is important that you buy your flowers from a flower shop that is professional and serious, with a staff of florists who love their work and consider their flowers as alive as we are, and lastly, with flowers that are as fresh and expressive as you are, to share exactly your thoughts through their understated and clear beauty.


    This article was sponsored by http://www.serenataflowers.com, an independent florist. Serenata delivers flowers within the UK and removes the costly middleman by buying directly from the grower. Fresher than any bouquet you'll find in traditional flower shops, shop Serenata Flowers for exclusive, well cared for bouquets at reasonable prices. Reproductions of this article are encouraged but must provide link back to http://www.serenataflowers.com

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    Florist Shop That Close To Your House

    Whenever we need to corrupt flowers we of necessity look for the nearest florist shop to help us bribe some striking flowers. The florists that we get together have a good idea of the diverse trends that are Using flowers at the stagecoach number in time. These people are artists who have the string up and the creative power to turn a few ordinary bicycle flowers into outfit and lot of art.

    For this reason when you are look at for a good ground hive away to help you select some great look flowers it is best if you pick out florists who have many eld of transaction with all the aspects of the peak business. The apotheosis way that you can locate these artists in your neck of the wood is to look for selective data on the internet.

    Here you will see many another(a) florists who may be working in your neck of the woods and your area. From the cyberspace you can also select florists who have the power to turn your gratuity selections into do by configurations that you will love to own or give. As there are many of these florists who work with clients in different parts of the world you can be sure that they will have an idea of the unlike trends for tiptoe designs.

    Some of these florists work as members or a Net that is consecrate to providing their customers with high timbre flowers for low prices. With these florists you can order any character of prime of life sum of money that you want and even arrange to have it delivered to another country.

    As many florists have customers in assorted parts of the world they need to remember that they should have good contacts with prime quantity suppliers or ground farms so that they can have large pillory of fresh flowers.

    Having a huge clean and jerk of good look flowers is very of import for florists as if you don't see what you want and you can't order them you will just look for another florist who has the power to supply you with your needs.

    For this cause when you are looking for at the diverse prices of flowers in florist shop shops, you will need to have a look round at the various other undercoat of life shops. This way you will know what the current prices for flowers are and what are the primarily merchandising flowers. You should also look at the timbre of the flowers as some of them may be on the wand of wilting or even dying.

    These types of flowers can indicate florists who will not provide you with high spirit flowers. For this understanding you may want to nullify these shops and look for places where your satisfaction will be bonded and you will walk Apart with a huge work party of superb flowers.

    Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham, For more information and advices about Florist and Flowers related, please visit Florist Shops website.

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    Hip Operation North East Live Music at it's Finest

    Hip Operation
    This band is somewhat of a phenomenon the North of England. They continue to play the most prestigious venues and parties around.
    The band formed around seven years ago. Experienced bandleader Steve Dolder collected some old friends and some new to creating an exiting high-energy live band delivering the best in live music you will have heard. The line up had to include a brass section, but not a bunch of old timers, instead some younger guys who had the ability to dance and play simultaneously, a rare feat today. He then recruited a singer not unlike the great Paul Carrack to front the band and with the voice and attitude to match it was a great appointment. He then had to lure a guitarist away form his studio, having spent twelve years in Los Angeles Chris Roe was ready to work. The combination of these six people produces a great feel good effect which becomes infectious amongst any audience both young or old. They have played over 1000 gigs as this line up, some large corporate events, Christmas Party residencies to smaller intimate weddings and gatherings. As entertainment goes it gets no better.
    The band always presents itself well, they are fully self contained with intelligent lighting and a mighty KV2 Audio PA system. Kv2 are rapidly becoming one of the most sort after sound reinforcement systems in the world.
    So with a voice like Paul Carrack a fully mobile brass section with all the moves and driving rhythm section this entertains full on.
    Hip Operation have been asked to provide live music for the very prestigious Hilton Hotel Gateshead Christmas season. After 2 successful and enjoyable years at St james Park we are delighted to except the engagement. The band has been working hard on new material which is beginning to pay dividends as the workload for 2009 has increased dramatically.
    Due to the recognition in this field of live music and entertainment the demand has become apparent for the band now offer a new range of services. The band can augment its line up to a 14 piece band producing a night of swing music which is proving exceptionally popular at both weddings and charity events and private parties. This appeals to those possessing deeper pockets! The band also now provide musical packages for your wedding or event including string quartets, jazz duos, solo singers, solo musicians, harpists and DJ's the list goes on.... they have become a one-stop shop for the regions entertainment requirements.
    It is well worth visiting www.hipoperation.co.uk to see how this North East phenomenon works and continues to break new ground

    Best Lounges and Bars to Listen to Great Live Music

    New York is one of the most happening places in the world with some great restaurants, bars and lounges that keep the nightlife going for the people. There are plenty of places where one can find a comfortable place to sit, have a drink and listen to live music. Music is an integral part of the Americans. It is everywhere and of all genres. Whatever you may like, you will find it in here and in many different settings. If you are looking for spending the night listening to live music, it is never a problem in New York. There are many clubs, bars and lounges throughout New York that features live artists and musicians. You may go downtown and enjoy the jazz groups, indie-rock bands, and other local bands at the Knitting Factory or checkout the Times Square’s BB King Blues Club.

    Whatever music you may want to listen or in whatever setting, you can get it in New York. Crowds of all types visit these bars and lounges. Students, Hipsters, seasoned citizens and young professionals. The atmosphere is literally electrifying with some mouth watering cuisines and excellent service. Live music bars and lounges in New York City vary in size and style. Some maintain the garage or basement feel while others go for the sophisticated and posh furnishings of piano lounges. In many of New York live music bars and lounges, star emerge before the unsuspecting crowd making the atmosphere unbelievable.

    Some of the most popular lounges and bars in New York City that offer live music is:

    Café Wha: voted the top live music venue by Citysearch, Café Wha features a mixture of R&B, Reggae, Classic Rock, and Funk. Some of the best bands perform before the charged up audiences and promises great entertainment for the jam packed audiences. The food served is great and the drinks are reasonable. The service is great.

    Pacha NYC: Pacha has more than 25 clubs with loud DJ sets, stunning looking clientele, and the electrifying atmosphere. Pacha delivers the hard core, dance till you drop experience. It has four levels, many VIP rooms, star DJ’s playing the latest music. It has become an important destination for the New York people.

    One sixty nine bar: another bar that is a delight for the music lover. Great music being played by local bands and the menu bar makes it a sought out destination for the New York citizens.

    Session 73 live music and tapes: Session 73 offers a loud and casual atmosphere with lights hanging from the long chords from the copper bar. It offers great nonstop live music of rock and pop with some of the best bands playing. The bar menu and the service offered is great.

    Katwalk Bar and Lounge: Katwalk’s location is its biggest draw. The lounge has big plasma screens that play the latest videos, sports and fashion shows. The music mostly comprises a mix of old and new tracks. The cuisine is delicious and the atmosphere luxurious with soft candle lightning, dark wood paneling and beautiful furnishing.

    Erica Maurer

    Erica Maurer is a partner at EMRG Media New York's premiere event planning and marketing company. She has done a thorough research on restaurants, event spaces and bars in New York City. To know hot information's about clubbing, dining and lounges in New York City, please visit her website.

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    Slimming Tips- Small Changes is required on your eating habit

    Slimming Tips- Small Changes is required on your eating habit

    Habit is formed after we repeat the same thing for times…

    Let’s start by consuming plenty of water a day, at least 8 glasses, do not count on coffee, tea or soft drinks. Having full glass of water before meal.

    Increase fruits intake and eat it as snack rather than junk food. Apple is can be one of the choice.

    An Apple a Day not only keeps the Doctor away also keeps FAT away. Apples have natural sweet, making yourself an apple juice without any sugar will be able to “save” your sugar craving. Natural sugars in fruits are always better than processed sugars

    Apples having Soluble fiber which contains gums and pectin. This type of fiber helps to lower cholesterol levels and controls blood sugar. Fiber helps your digestive system to process food so it will definitely help you on weight loss.

    Have three of those fruits, which contain rich fiber a day as snacks and the pounds will peel off within 2 weeks.

    Do simple but sufficient exercising

    Easy way to burn off FAT, do a 3-10minute non-stop running up your stairs or you may keep your body moving, do a recreational running while watching TV or listening music.

    Those simple activities will help on speeding up your metabolism, faster metabolism is equals to faster weight loss.

    Start making it as habit to move more, eat well, have healthy food and lifestyle, carry it on together with your family and friends.

    Those are simple ways, which does really help on losing more weight.

    Vannas Lee

    And now I would like to offer you More Free Tips on Weight Loss when you subscribe to my newsletter. You can get your instant access at http://www.One-Step-Information.com From Vannas Lee - The Up And Coming Weight Loss enthusiast who provide valuable weight lose information at http://www.One-Step-Information.com

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    Slimming: Weight Loss Is Not Rocket Science

    What with our busy lifestyles getting even more hectic, is it really any surprise that people's health and habits are suffering as a result? It is almost as though the good old fashioned lunch break has for some become an alien concept as they just grab something on the fly and don't have time to actively sit down and enjoy what they have chosen to munch on. In fact I have helped some clients over the years that binge on their bad habits to see them through the day, such as coffee, cola and cigarettes and then scoff down all they can in the evening to attempt to satisfy their hunger. This way of doing things is really just heading for disaster.

    A while ago I was helping a young lady with some issues and when I asked her about her diet, sadly I got the same old story. She said that she was too busy to eat during the day as she had a tight schedule and that to compensate she would drink around 16 bottles of cola, smoke and drink coffee throughout the day. The surprising thing was that she said she had a tight schedule - she was only 16 years old! If she didn't seek help, then she could have had a real big problem with trying to resolve this habit as she got older.

    Stop and think about your consumption of food. The great thing about weight loss is that it is not rocket science - in fact it is not hard at all - it just takes a bit of motivation to eat the right things at the right time and a bit of drive to keep you active. That's it! There is no need to starve or punish yourself on the treadmill either. All you need is that drive and motivation to do the right thing and eat sensibly and enjoy a reasonable exercise routine. Think long term instead of short term. Lose weight over a year instead of six months. This way you will make your goal more achievable and thus more inevitable.

    To increase my clients drive and motivation in slimming I use hypnosis and teach them self hypnosis. As a process, hypnosis reprograms the part of your brain that holds all of your eating habits. We call this part your sub-conscious mind.

    If you are serious about using hypnosis to get you to the weight that you want and deserve to be at then I suggest that you try a hypnosis download to get you started today.

    Richard MacKenzie
    For more information on slimming and weight loss, please visit Richard's site.

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    Do Skin Care Products Really Help for Skin Care?

    Some people are lucky enough to have naturally good skin even without using skin care creams and moisturizing products. People in good health may generally also have clear glowing skin but harsh pollutants in the air and UV rays from the sun take their toll on everyone’s skin so some extra care is necessary for protection.

    Both men and women are now almost equal when it comes to taking care of their appearances because looking good is a great confidence booster and this includes a clean fresh looking skin tone. Some people are lazy when it comes to skin care, while other follows it as their daily regimen before bedtime, and also first thing in the morning when brushing their teeth or bathing. The variety of skin moisturizing creams, cleansers, and anti ageing creams on the market can be beneficial to your skin as long as they are chosen with care.

    Too much cosmetic skin care can be harmful and same goes when it comes to too little, so a balance and some common sense is the best when it comes to skin care. The most important thing to consider when it concerns skin care is cleaning your skin properly on a daily basis especially where it is exposed. You facial skin is where you are likely to take the biggest beating. For women extra care needs to be taken when looking after your face.

    Men that shave are lucky in the sense that this procedure removes dead skin and acts as a massage to their faces at the same time. There are a variety of after shave skin care products for men as well, and these have become extremely popular.

    For women an exfoliation skin care clean is the best way to completely cleanse the pores of your skin and freshen and renew the elasticity of your skin. Following up with a quality moisturizer is sensible to replace the natural oils you may lose.

    Beauty enhancing skin care products and anti ageing skin care creams can be used ,after cleansing. both for protection and beauty enhancement as well.

    Choosing the right skin care product for the type of skin you have is vital. See some tips I have mentioned previously which I will go over again here.

    1. Make certain to always choose products that suit your skin type. This includes beauty enhancement products and daily skin care products as well. The manufacturer label will indicate whether it is for dry oily or chapped ,problem skin types.

    2. Try the product out to make sure there is no allergic reaction to the product. This can be done by using some on your ear lobes or on back of your neck.

    3. Try and stick to skin care products that are natural. Normally good quality products will list the ingredients on the bottle or jar. Avoid skin care products that have high alcohol content or acidic ingredients. If you are not sure ask the pharmacists or beautician if the skin care product will suit your skin type.

    4 Use the product as instructed. Normally tests would have been done to see what is best. Too much may be a waste and too little may not give you the desired result.

    5. If you have a problem skin, then seek advice from a dermatologist or beautician who will be able to suggest the best types of skin care products for your skin type.

    Hottest Health And Beauty Guides


    Researching the internet for the hottest great value products from trustworthy suppliers

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    How Can Natural Skin Care Products Make A Difference?

    Everyone is going natural, and who can blame them? The skin is one of the body's most noticeable features. It is constantly exposed to chemicals and other harmful influences like UV rays and stress. The foods we put into our bodies can also influence the appearance of our skin. Since there are enough chemicals and negative influences affecting our skin, we should steer clear of chemical-based skin care products, and opt for a more natural approach. Here are some of the benefits of using natural skin care products:

    1. No chemicals. Each day we are around chemicals that are used to clean, gas from vehicles, and some of us are even around cigarette smoke. These things are not good for our skin. Constant exposure to a variety of negative things can leave our skin looking aged, dry, cracked, and old. Natural products are chemical-free.

    2. Natural skin care products treat the skin better than unnatural treatments do. Natural things like plants, fruits, herbs, etc., were put here to serve a purpose. It is a shame that some of us are still not taking advantage of these natural and plentiful benefits that are so readily available to us.

    3. All natural skin care products possess healing properties that chemical-based skin care products do not. It is true that Mother Nature has given us all that we will ever need to take good care of our skin. Natural skin care products not only help to take care of your skin, they get down into the deeper layers of the skin to repair it and permanently heal it.

    4. There are no allergic reactions. There is no eye redness, and no other forms of irritation to deal with. All of the man-made substances are absent, so there is no need to panic that you will be allergic to a natural skin care product.

    5. Less use is needed. Since the products are genuine, there is no need to go back and constantly repair the damage done over and over again. All natural skin care products provide better quality, and the creams last longer when not being used.

    6. Natural skin care products do not do additional damage to your skin. Chemical-based skin care products might appear to do some temporary repair to your skin, but over time, they are actually damaging your skin. This is what leads to the constant usage of chemical-based skin care products. Suppose that is how they keep their business going? They give you a little bit of repair, and a little bit of damage at the same time.

    7. You do not have to worry about harmful substances getting down into your blood stream. It has been proven that over 60% of chemicals that we put on our skin get absorbed into our blood streams. When chemicals absorb into our blood stream through the skin, it heightens our chances of developing eczema, allergies, breakouts, oily skin, cancer, and other various illnesses. With natural skin care products, you know exactly what is going on your skin, and you do not have to worry about getting sick.

    As you can see, the benefits of using natural skin care products definitely have the upper hand over unnatural skin care products. Natural skin care is readily available to us only if we choose to use it. The results that natural skin care products have on our skin are better and longer lasting. It is no wonder why they are becoming more and more popular. It is a huge relief to know that more people are actually taking the time out to switch to something better for their skin, and easier on their health. We need to be using something that our bodies are compatible with, not something that we are constantly going to be at odds with. All natural skin care products are the answer.

    Modi Ronen

    Modi Ronen co-founded the leading facial and skin care products site. They bring global products ranging from peels and moisturizers to daily skin care products .

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    Hair Styles Personality - How Your Hairstyle Make Public Your Personality

    Hair styles are the important part of your personality. Not only your outfits, jewelry but your hair style also tells what the personality you have as the right hair style projects your best qualities.

    Today there are thousands of websites which features women’s trendy hairstyle and also the hairstyles of celebrities. Today short hair styles are worn by women as more and more women are in a career scene and also becoming mother on the go. And because of fast paced lifestyle trendy short hairstyles are ideal for most of the women.

    Hair styles of celebrity influence what is in and what is out. So people look at the latest celebrity hair style to get the ideas for new hair styles. Most of the men, women and hairstylists get the ideas from celebrity hair styles.

    Now days short hair styles are in fashion again as many people think that they give a young sophisticated look to a person. The most natural hair style is straight hair style.

    Choosing a hair style depends on lots of factors such as shape of your face. Whatever you decide for yourself you must be confident with that hairstyle. Once you have decided the hairstyle you should maintain it by regular washing and setting.

    Over the internet we can look for hair styles with no cost any time we want! You can learn anything you want to know about hair styles over the internet. But if you have medium length hairs then you should go for layering, low lights, highlights and the overall length relative to shape of your face.

    Heart shaped face people can go for chin length bob for your hair style. This can add the illusion of extra width at your chin. A long layered hair style can give you a stylish and nice look as it is more creative than just simple straight hair style. You can also try for one layer, two layer and full layered hair style according to your face shape.

    If you are very confusing about your hair style then you can look over the internet and can search a better one for yourself. Hair style pictures over the internet will not only give you some ideas for your hair but they will also show how will you look from front, back and sides. You can find many sites over the internet where you can upload your picture and can see which hairstyle will suit you the best. You must visit our site for better hairstyles that are in trend.

    So try the best trendy hairstyles for yourself which can give you a nice and different look and can enhance your beauty also.

    Zoltan Vargyai

    Zoltan Vargyai with comptonhair.co.uk – London’s best hair salon specialize in Hair Straightening, Wedding Hair Style, Hair Style, Hair Colour and different type of Hair Cuttings

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    Makeup Application Tips - How to Apply Professional Makeup

    Okay, let’s “face” it. There are very few women in the world that are naturally picture perfect. Luckily, there are many make-up techniques that can help. Applying make-up should not be difficult. Mineral Makeup forms a protective barrier on your skin while still allowing your skin to breath. Mineral Make up gives a lightweight natural feel that allows your skin to breathe, unlike talc-based products that can clog pores and damage skin. If you apply make up eyeshadow use a small brush or sponge applicator to apply shadow over your eye lids, or in the creases, for contouring effect. Apply more than one color if desired. Cover whole lid from lash line to eyebrow, then add another color to lid (lighter color), then one in the crease of the eye lid first using color as a highlight on brow bone blend color just where the meet. Mix matte and shimmer color together. Apply wet for a more dramatic effect or use as an eyeliner.

    Finishing powders are applied as you would a foundation. Using your blush brush simply swirl and tap in your lid and apply to cheeks. If you apply eyeliner asmall angle brush works best for this. Eyeshadows may also be used as eyeliners. Apply the foundation with your fingers or a o-tip in dots in areas of your face. With a cosmetic sponge, spread the foundation until it is well-blended into the skin. Use a lip pencil to outline the lips and make them stand out. The next step will be to apply lipstick with a lip brush. A lip brush makes the lipstick look professionally applied. Mix the minerals in with your favorite lip gloss shade to change the color or with a clear gloss to add a boost of color and shimmer. You can apply the minerals to your lips first.

    There are women who are not beautiful, but since they know the art of carrying themselves, they come the center of attraction despite their orninary looks. We provides you with all information on cosmetics products in the market and latest makeup application tips to enchance your natural beauty.

    For makeup application, there are several different ways. But for me, I do one of the following makeup application techniques depending on my mood, time and color choices.

    Make up Application Tips

    1. Do not apply white or black shadows to your eyes.

    2. Applying lipstick - Cool pink lipstick should be applied with a lipbrush. If you like, you can slick a little lipgloss or lip balm on the top for a sexy shimmer look.

    3. Apply a light color all over the lid. Use a darker shade for your upper, outer lid.

    4. Brushes should not be so stiff that they scratch the face, nor so soft as to be floppy and difficult to control.

    5. Apply lip liner to completely cover the lips, add color and your lipstick will stay on much longer.

    6. Your hair color should also be in harmony with your skin. If you have dark hair and you want to add color, keep it close to the same shade. If you have light hair, use light colors. As you age your skin will lighten, so should your hair color. One last thing about hair color - if you do color you hair be sure you keep it up, don't let your roots show.

    7. Keep makeup looking fresh all day by doing regular touch ups.

    8. Powder blush is best for oily and combo skin.

    9. The purpose of eye shadow is to shape and accentuate the eye, not color it. Do not overuse eye shadow. The face looks more attractive when you use natural colors

    10. Never go to bed with your makeup on. When the makeup is left on overnight it will clog the pores. It prevents the skin from shedding and may cause blemishes and/or blackheads. The skin needs to breathe overnight.


    Smile, take a blush brush and apply a shade of blush to your cheeks. After this part, sweep the brush back into the hairline. This will make your face glow.

    This is the basics of make-up application. There are many colors and tools to experiment. Find your look and remember, applying make-up is an art which makes you look your best.

    Now of course this is not the only way to apply makeup but the way I believe works the best. However if you want to play up the lips by using a brighter or darker shade of lipstick then do your lips first and eyes last. This way you won't over power the other.