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The True Meaning of Sending Red Roses to That Special Someone

Who doesn’t like flowers? Whether it’s to celebrate a special event like a birthday or graduation, to cheer someone up, or the most common use of flowers: to declare love for that special someone. Known as a universal gift for every occasion, flowers can simply brighten up one’s day. There are various types of flowers, but one of the most common flowers that are more popular are roses.

Traditionally, roses are given by men to women to symbolize admiration and love. Did you know that the different colors of roses connote different meanings too? The different colors are ways of expressing feelings and emotions. Let’s start with the least popular colors first. Orange roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and fascination. Pink roses convey happiness and gracefulness, thus, used in birthday parties of women. Blue roses, like their color are used to describe the uniqueness of the recipient. Dark pink sends out gratitude, while light pink describes one’s joy and sweetness. Peach roses have the same meaning as pink roses too. Yellow simply means caring and symbolizes friendship, while white roses express purity, innocence, heavenly and charm.

Let’s now move on to the most popular rose color: red roses. They say if you give a bouquet of red roses to someone, it means you really love them. But what do red roses really mean? In a nutshell, red roses mean love, respect, and passion. This is probably why most roses given out on Valentine’s Day, are red. For the longest time, red roses have also been used to depict strong romantic feelings for someone. A gentleman who gives a dozen red roses to a woman, clearly has deep feelings for that woman. Seen as the classic rose color, this color is also seen in most movies or even read in classic fairytales.

Red roses, when combined with other colors, give out a different meaning altogether. When combined with white roses, they can signify courage and unity. Red and yellow rose combinations are for happy feelings, and joviality. For most honeymoon suites that use scattered petals as lovely room decorations, red is also the most prominent color. This is probably to promote excitement and romance in the bedroom. Even the leaves of the roses have significance too: hope.

A different meaning corresponds to the kind of red rose a gentleman gives out too. Cardinal red signifies desire, and firery red is for the flames of passion. A deep red rose is for admiration, or sometimes, embarrassment.Different amounts of red roses have several meanings too. A single red rose, for instance, has a simple yet powerful meaning: “I love you.” Two roses joined together mean gratitude, and a dozen roses is the ultimate declaration of love. Twenty five red roses is sent out to congratulate someone, while fifty roses mean unconditional love.

Even if there are a lot of flowers available in flower shops, online shopping is readily available too. Some flower directories are also available online. Red roses are still the most romantic. They will always remain a classic because there’s no more passionate way to tell your significant other you love her: other than red roses.

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