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A Single Red Rose is More Than it Seems

The tradition of lovers passing a single red rose began in Roman times as it was a symbol of the goddess Venus the goddess of love. The beauty and perfection of the rose was believed to be the creation of Venus to express her love. The myth has withstood the test of time because even today this simple gesture carries significant emotional sentiments.

The idea of the single red rose symbolizing love has spurned the idea that other single roses also have meaning behind them as well. A single yellow rose is used to express joy, a single peach colored rose is used to express friendship but no other rose has the power of a single solitary red colored rose.

A single red rose is only matched by the dozen red roses that are sent to valentines on Valentine's Day. It is usually accompanied by a big box of chocolates to win someone's heart on Valentine's day. Its perfect beauty is so full of promise, typically one is given while it is still in the bud stage just waiting to burst open, this is the most beautiful stage of a rose.

Brides usually carry bouquets of flowers; sometimes those bouquets are made of several different types of flowers with a solitary rose in the center of the bouquet. It is traditional for a bride to carry a bouquet of roses to the altar, but the drama of having a bouquet with one budding rose in the center and other flowers of a lighter color surrounding it is visually rewarding.

Grooms typically wear buttoners in their button holes of their tuxedos. Usually if there are roses in the brides bouquet that the groom and grooms men will wear one in their lapels. It is very dramatic and sophisticated looking against the lapel of a tuxedo.

A single red roses has symbolized love throughout the centuries, and has been used in fairytales to enhance the story. Beauty and the Beast, a well known children's story and recently an animated movie features one as an important part of plot. The receiver of a one of these roses is one lucky person and should relish in the beauty and the love it symbolizes.

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