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Create a Wedding Planning Checklist

A wedding planning checklist is an essential tool to any bride planning her wedding. They can be downloaded for free from many wedding related websites and you will also find them in bridal magazines and wedding publications.

However, the majority of wedding planning checklists relate to a set of generic planning tasks and covers a time frame of 18 months. These therefore will not always fit with many weddings and will require editing and reformatting to suit the needs of the bride. It is therefore useful to create your own checklist which is tailored to your wedding and within the time frame you have set to plan your wedding in.

You will need a spreadsheet program such as Excel or you can set up a table in Microsoft Word. Have a calendar handy too so you can work out your time frame from present day to the date of your wedding. Begin at the present day and type in how many months there is till your wedding day.

It can be handy at this point to have a generic planning checklist to hand so you can see what tasks need to be included and when. Type in a list of all the tasks you will need to do in the next few months. Depending on how many months you have left till your wedding day you may need to add in more or fewer tasks than are shown in the first section and subsequent sections of the generic checklist. Use a bulleted list is typing in Word with a open square bullet so you can use it as a tick box when a task is completed.

Continue to work through the checklist typing in each task on a separate line under each section as applicable. When you are finished go through it from the beginning and make sure you haven't missed anything out or that the time you have given yourself to complete a task is sufficiently long enough. If you have already started contacting vendors and suppliers about things for your wedding then you may already have an idea about the time frame needed in which to order and have delivered goods and services. Catering for instance will be time critical, as will your wedding cake, which will only have a certain shelf life before it goes stale. If in doubt ring around and find out the answers you need.

Once you have completed your checklist save it and print out several copies so you can give a copy to those who will need one, for instance your groom, wedding planner, maid of honor and your mom. Keep one for yourself of course in your planning notebook and perhaps pin one on the notice board next to your calendar so you have a quick point of reference should you need one. Make sure you update it regularly and if you need to you can change the original on the computer to accommodate any changes or additions. Just make sure that any new checklists are handed out to those who received the original.

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