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Professional Tips on Bridal Make Up

Every girl wants to look like a beautiful princess on her wedding day and in this article I am going to share about bridal make up in the Malaysia scene. Due to our humid weather, applying bridal make up in Malaysia needs careful planning. You want to look beautiful and glamorous and at the same time you want to look yourself. We all know how make up can completely change someone look and personality if it is not applied properly.

There a few types of bridal make up in Malaysia you can choose and one of them is Airbrush make up. By engaging a make up artist who is familiar with Airbrush, you can expect to get flawless complexion. If you are not familiar with Airbrush make up it is a light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very matte finish. Once the make up is applied using Airbrush, it is not easily transferable which is good to keep that pristine complexion for hours.

Another type of bridal make up which is popular in Malaysia is using mineral base make up. It is very suitable for all skin type and easy to apply. The downsite of using mineral make up is when worn taking a picture, the light from the camera and any surrounding light will reflect off those minerals, making your face look whiter than other parts of your body and not natural. While it is a great choice for everyday make up, mineral make up is not the best choice for bridal make up in Malaysia.

Any good and professional make up artist will guide you for the make up preparation on your wedding day. Always follow the theme of your wedding, and do not use contrasting colors as it will look awkward. The make up do not necessary have to match your dress but at least follow the color code when applying bridal make up.

Finally, reflect your personality. You must look special and elegant on your wedding day but not different. If you are romantic at heart, wear purple or plum shades. If you are light-hearted and fun natured, wear pinks and peaches. Worst thing that could happen is your guest could not recognize who you are on your wedding day. Remember to have fun and do apply these tips for future wedding.

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