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Water Dispensers –“make a Smart Choice”

Water dispenser commonly known as water cooler is a device used to dispense cold, hot or room temperature water. You can choose from a bottle- less or a bottled water dispenser depending upon your preference.In general there are two distinct categories of water dispensers: bottle-less water dispensers and bottled water dispensers. Bottle-less water dispensers are installed in the existing water line that adjust the flow and water temperature at the time of filtration. On the other hand bottled water dispensers use bottles to store water and then dispense water through them. As the source of water in bottled water dispensers can be easily monitored, these assure purity and are thus more popular among the consumers.

The new designs of the bolted water dispenser are the ones that use 3 to 5 gallons of water bottles placed up-side down into the dispenser. The water is then dispensed via pulling a spigot lever or pushing a button. Counter-top models and floor are the two types available in the market. The floor models are popularly used in offices, job sites and homes. You can also get a dispenser with a temperature control option that operates through electricity. These provide instant cold or hot water.

Even after being an ease to use device there are certain considerations you should keep in mind while purchasing a water dispenser. In case it is a dispenser with hot water option then you should definitely get a water cooler with a child safety spigot lever to prevent burns from an accidental or unintentional pressing of the lever. You should select a cooler featuring spigot with levers as coolers with push buttons tend to be of lesser quality It is advised to get a water dispenser characterized with spill free system. Spill free system avoids spilling caused at the time bottle is placed on to the dispenser.

These kinds of dispensers not only simplify the process of installing a bottle over the dispenser but also save mess created by spilled water. Lastly you should be very specific about the tubing inside the cooler. Always make sure that you go for high quality tubing. These are slightly more expensive but much better than those cheaper options that make the water taste bad.
Keep in mind all of the above and your job is well done. Do not just pick any Water Dispenser after all it about the water you use in daily drinking.

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