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Why Composite Doors Are Better Than Timber Doors

Composite doors are doors that are available with a huge number of different options whereas timber doors are not. The first obvious options are all the different colours you can choose from. These colours are red, green, black, blue, white, and finally light oak. There are also lots of different door styles available. Firstly you can choose from a solid panel door which is sometimes called, by some companies, the six panel door. The six panel composite door as mentioned earlier, is just a solid panel and therefore has no glass in the door.

Another door design you could choose from the composite door range, could be a two panel-two square front door. The two panel-two square composite door has two glazed pieces in it, and the rest of the door is just a panel. The two panel-two square door has a number of different glazing options available and some of them are as follows: The two panel-two square composite door with Three-Drop Diamond, and Crystal Diamond. Again these options are not available on the timber door range.

Also available with two panel-two square composite doors is the Crystal Diamond, the two-panel two square English Rose, the Fleur, the Crystal Bohemia, the Crystal Harmony as well as the Miran, the Brass Art Clarity, the Zinc Art Elegance and finally the Zinc Art Abstract. These are all great ways of improving the look of the front of your home. Another thing you should always bear in mind is that all of these double-glazed patterns are great at keeping the warmth right in, and the really cold out.

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