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Choosing a Wedding Gown For Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding gowns are probably one of the first things that come to mind when weddings are mentioned. One of the first questions that most likely is asked is what did the bride's gown look like?. The wedding gown sets the theme, tone, and mood of the wedding so naturally it is one of the most thought over, grueling decisions every bride has to make. Though every girl dreams of wearing a one of a kind designer gown made by Vera Wang, Alfred Angelo, or Maggie Sottero, most of us have to come to the realization that a wedding gown with a six thousand dollar price tag is not in our budget. However that doesn't mean we cannot achieve the same glamorous look we see featured in most bridal magazines. Whether you want to stay under budget, have a gown that is original, or just want to spice up your simplistic dress there are lots of ideas for you right here. Through my research I have found a few ideas that will hopefully help you attain the perfect bridal look you have always dreamed of.

Shopping for a wedding gown is not an easy task, you have a lot of questions about what you want, what do you envision, what would you like, what do you not like, and the list goes on and on. Let's face it, sometimes it's hard to figure all of the answers to those questions while you're standing, trying on a beautiful wedding gown. Also, by this time the dress you're wearing is most likely not in your budget, creating a problem. You have to have a set budget before you start trying on gowns. Sales ladies will be asking you your budget because after all they are there to help. Set the budget and don't go over it, stick to your original plan, if you start adjusting in the beginning you will adjust further on and the budget will be blown out the window before you know it.

Having that in mind, go for what you like, if you've seen a dress made by a high fashion designer take a picture of it with you and ask if they have anything close to it. Most places will have something very close, maybe just a bit simpler which is an easy fix. If you love the elaborate, fancy, princess dresses but cannot afford one, ask to try on a ball gown style or A-line dresses and see what you could add to it. Every dress can be personalized just for you, there are a million things you could do. Go to your local antique store and see what broaches they may have to give your dress that rustic, old world elegant feel. If you have a friend who is an amazing seamstress see if she can add lace to the bodice or waistline to get a Victorian or traditional look. Even if your dress just needs a little bit of accessorizing, you can add silk flowers to the side of your waist line, or even the back to glam-up the train and/or bustle.

The trick is to buy a simple gown and make it yours by adding things you like. You will defiantly stay under budget by going with something a little cheaper and adding things yourself. For those of you who want something extremely original go to a second hand store or even a website for your dress and find a talented seamstress to redesign the dress so this way you know no one will have a dress like yours. If you are looking for a sure way to stay under your budget, get on the internet and shop, there are so many sites that have discounted wedding gowns, eBay, Craig's List, Back-Page, all have once-worn, discounted gowns and the list can go on and on. Just Google what you're looking for and the results can be endless.

You can always find ways to stay at your budget or even under it by being creative and finding new ways to personalize your gown. This last tip is one of my favorites, when you have found your perfect dress and you plan on keeping it, have your new last name initial and you and your husband's first name initials monogrammed /embroidered on the bottom of the train or bottom front of the skirt. This adds so much elegance and it also adds sentimental value. These are just a few tips that hopefully some of you found to be helpful.

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