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Deciding on a Home Contractor For Your Renovation

There are some decisions in life that seem to cause folks' hair to stand on end. Choosing a contractor for a major home renovation certainly falls into that category. After all, this guy (or girl, as the case might be) is going to be tearing into the very heart of your home, the structure you've worked all your life to own. It would be a terrible mistake to bring someone on board who isn't experienced, dedicated, or skilled enough to pull the job off. So how can you find someone who can?

First, speak with friends and family in the area. See if they have a contractor or company that they can recommend. You'll often find that your close relations have a skilled contractor they are happy to rave about. From there, it should just be a simple matter of sitting down with the professional to see if you're a good fit.

Of course, it's not always that easy. Sometimes, you'll have to go off the map to find someone. Rather than picking a random name from the phonebook, consider talking to a major home renovation service. Several national companies offer a quality service that is often cheaper than their local counterparts.

Once you find a contractor that seems compatible, sit them down to talk about the project. Make sure you have a firm grasp of exactly what you're looking for; any ambiguity could lead to miscommunication, and a botched project. If you're looking for close detail work, print out examples from the Internet to show them what you have in mind.

Get a feeling for the way they work. How do they talk about deadlines? If they seem relatively non-committal, beware: that's the kind of attitude that causes endless delays in your home renovation project. Your home deserves the consummate professional; don't bother wasting your time with someone who won't take the job seriously.

At the end of this initial meeting, ask the contractor to provide some references that you can call. Try to secure references that deal with a similar project; if you're having a kitchen installed, for instance, it won't do you much good to talk to someone who had a roof put on last year. If the job you have planned is for a substantial amount of money (say, over 10,000 dollars), it might make sense to try to visually inspect the work previously performed.

One final resource is worth mentioning. The Internet now boasts several sites that hold reviews of contractors. Keep in mind that these aren't closely maintained or regulated; there's virtually nothing to stop someone from posting positive reviews about their own home renovation work (or, on the flip side, anything to stop a contractor from posting
false negative reviews about the competition.

With some diligent hard work, you shouldn't encounter serious problems finding a contractor that you can trust to get the job done right. The time you'll spend searching is worth it; this is an important investment that you'll be proud of for years to come.

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