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Questions to Ask a Used Auto Dealer

During these uneasy economic times, most people are looking for ways to cut back on their expenses. One way of saving money is buying a used car instead of a brand new car. When purchasing a used car from an auto dealer, it is important that you know as much about the car as possible to avoid serious problems with the car after you drive it off the lot.

The following are questions to ask a used auto dealer when searching for a used car:

1. Does the dealer have a copy of the car's history? Whether new or used, each car for sale includes a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN.) The used car dealer can use the VIN numbers to acquire a report detailing such information as the car's history of mileage, accidents, service history, and number of owners...etc.

2. Has the used car been inspected and passed the inspection? Before being allowed to go on the road, every car must have passed a safety inspection. You should also be allowed to see the mechanic's inspection report. If any part of the car has had a repair or parts a replacement, make sure you see a report of what was done to the car.

3. Where did the used car dealer get the car? You should find out who last owned the car. Was it an individual or auction? If it was an auction, make sure you have a mechanic check it over for any problems.

4. Can you take the car for a test drive? It is important that you take the car for a test drive. You will see if the odometer is working properly and the car itself is not making unusual sounds such as a loud muffler or squeaky brakes.

5. Can you have a copy of the CarFax report? It is important for you to see that the vehicle identification number for the matches the VIN on the CarFax report.

6. Does the used car dealer have a return policy? If so, what is it? You never know if there is a problem that is hard to discover such as an internal problem in the engine. It is important that you buy a used car from a dealer with a return policy.

7. Will the used car dealer offer a better deal if you pay cash instead of financing? Many used car dealers will give a discount if one pays cash for the car.

8. Are there new parts in the car? It is important that you know if there are any new parts such as tires or a muffler. You will want to make sure that you are given the warranty documents.

9. Is the used car odometer accurate? You want to make sure the mileage is correct. There may be a shady dealer out there who may reduce the mileage in an effort to sell the car.

10. Does the used car dealership take trade-ins? You can often save money if you trade in a car when purchasing a used car.

Because a used car has a driving history, it is important that you have all of the facts before you make a purchase. It will help you avoid a lot of extra expense or possibly buying a "lemon."

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