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Bus Travel in Seville

Buses are the easiest and cheapest way to get around in Seville. If you plan to use them a lot during your stay you can save money by purchasing a bónobus ticket at a newsstand tobacco shop . If you plan to be here for a month it's a good idea to purchase a monthly pass (abono 30 días). You can find out more about the ticket types and prices below.

  • Univiaje, single trip - €1,20
  • Tarjeta turistica 1 day, unlimited travel for 1 day - €4,50
  • Tarjeta turistica 3 days, unlimited travel for 3 days - €8,50
  • Bonobus, 10 trips - €6,00
  • Bonobus (con transbordo) 10 trips with transfers - €7,00
  • Abono 30 dias, unlimited travel for 30 days - €30,00
The bus network in Seville is made up from circular C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4 buses and north, south, east and west routes. You can catch most city buses in one of four main locations: Puerta de Jerez, Plaza de la Encarnacion, La Barqueta and Prado de San Sebastian.

The bus from the city centre to Seville airport bus costs €2.10 single fare, €3.70 return or €35.75 for a monthly pass. It runs every 30 minutes from the Prado San Sebastia bus station, which is the most central location.

The route from the airport is Seville Airport - Kansas City - Santa Justa Railway Station - Luis de Morales - San Francisco Javier - Carlos V - Prado San Sebastia.

The first bus from the airport is at 05.45 and the last one is at 23:15 Monday to Saturday. On Sunday the first bus is at 06:45 and the last is at 23:45 - running at 30 or 60 minute intervals depending on the time of day.

For more details on all the above telephone: +34 954 720 200 or visit Transportes Urbano de Sevilla SAM -

Both stations in Seville are pretty central. Plaza de Armas is about three blocks from the Triana Bridge and Reyes Catolicos, and the Prado de San Sebastian station is close to the university and across the street from the Jardines Murillo.

If you are travelling to Andalucian cities or towns including Algeciras, Almeria, Arcos, Cadiz, Chipiona, Cordoba, La Linea (Gibraltar), Granada, Guadix, Jerez, Marbella, Nerja, Ronda, San Lucar or Tarifa you need to go to the station in Prado de San Sebastian. Telephone: +34 954 417 111

If you are travelling to Aracena, Baeza, Bilbao, Burgos, Caceres, Coruna, Huelva, Jaen, Leon, Madrid, Matalascanas, Merida, Salamaca, San Sebastián, Ubeda or Valencia you need to go to Plaza de Armas. Telephone: +34 954 908 040

You can also catch the bus to the Algarve in Portugal from here. It runs twice daily and goes as far as Lagos and stops at Faro. Fares are Adult Single: €16.00 Return: €27.20 Child €8.00/€13.60. For up-to-date prices and timetables visit the website

This guide to Bus Travel in Seville was written by Linda Craik who is the main editor for the Spanish Airport Guide which is a comprehensive guide to all Spanish Airports.

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