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Bespoke Gates Add a Touch of Class to a Property

People usually erect wrought iron gates or fencing around their property simply to mark the boundary of their grounds or garden, or, to provide a sense of security from the outside world.

In recent years however, these utilitarian purposes have not been the only reasons why wrought iron gates and fence work is being used in homes. Now, aside from providing the necessary security from an increasingly hostile world, the design qualities and workmanship of the wrought iron enhances the aesthetics of any garden and driveway and many homeowners now have their gates and fences made to order.

Custom made, or bespoke, wrought iron gates and fences are made from high quality materials by craftsmen using traditional methods. They look far better than other mass produced products because they are made by hand and will last so much longer than those fences made from cheap and inferior materials.

The added value of wrought iron gates and fencing is that although they really do make an attractive feature on their own they also enhance the overall feel of the property. The fence can also provide an additional barrier if a hedge circles the garden. Surprisingly, fencing can also improve the appearance of existing hedging. Not only will a fence contain the growth of a hedge by placing the wrought iron fencing in front of the hedge a very satisfying visual effect is created.

Another design that can be used is the use of clinging vines that would climb up and cover the wrought iron fence. In this manner, many flowering plants such as orchids would be given the opportunity to thrive as they hang in their natural habitat. By providing these kinds of plants a replacement to trees, the wrought iron fence can provide these kinds of plants the stability to grow their roots into.

The second aesthetic effect for wrought iron fences is that the fence would provide and initial and imposing fa├žade to the property. Many artisans nowadays are able to fashion emblems or coat of arms that can be integrated into the over-all design of the fence. Such a design will really add to the visual effect of the wrought iron gates, not to mention being a pretty good way of scoring a few points over the neighbours. With the family coat of arms, the fenced in property also changes its character and uplifts itself to the level of castle from mere home.

The third benefit provided by a wrought iron fence is more psychological than actual. Just think of the number of times you have seen on television huge mansions surrounded by wonderful wrought iron fences. This may seem to be a stretch but do try to remember the last grandiose home you have watched on the telly or on the screen.

You would see that wrought iron fences are staples to these home of the rich and filthy rich. This magic can also be captured by the installation of a wrought iron fence.

And if you want to impress the neighbours than this kind of fencing will really add a touch of class to your property. They look great, look expensive...but are surprisingly affordable. Making the gates automated, which is very easy to do, will add a touch of showbiz style and panache to your property. This would certainly get oohs and ahh’s from your visitors.

So there are many other purposes of a wrought iron fence. Don't think of your fencing as simply a means to keep people away from your property, look upon them as an attractive addition to your home.

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