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Crunchy Chocolate Cookie Chips at the Cooking Games

Cookies look like simple clumps of hard, dry breads. It seems that you will never get satisfied with it and you only waste time thinking about eating such. However, when you get to taste one, everything changes and you even want more! That is how the crunchy chocolate cookie chips indulge you with trying more! Get these sweet chocolate goodies and learn how to cook them with cooking games!

Learn how to cook the crunchy chocolate cookie chips that stay all its goodness in your mouth with cooking games. Like the real life cooking, you have to prepare all the needed ingredients so you will not cram in the kitchen getting this and that. More so, good preparations make cooking an easy and a better experience.

Prepare one cup butter, one whole egg, and one teaspoon of chocolate powder, one cup sugar, and one cup of flour, one cup baking soda and one cup chocolate chips for the ingredients. You can easily find these through the virtual kitchen.

Start chocolate chip cooking of the cooking games by placing butter in a pan. Add an egg and chocolate powder, sugar, flour and the baking soda. After stirring the mixture altogether, add the chocolate chips and stir the mixture to evenly spread out the chips. After doing so, place the mixture into the moulder at the pan or you may use a ladle to divide the mixture into small proportions. Place it into a cooking pan and cook it into the oven at 350 degree temperature. After cooking, cool it down and keep fresh into a sealed container.

Chocolate cookies are one of the best comfort foods that one can have. If you are able to learn how to make the chocolate cookies through the cooking games, you can then move to cooking other cookie varieties like oatmeal cookies, vegan chocolate cookies, and even your own cookie recipes discoveries!

Aside from making crunchy chocolate chips, cooking games has still other means to make you a good chef. You can also learn how to bake cake, make salad, fry fish, make an ice cream and assemble you own burger. Moreover, you can also learn to cook international dishes like Indian foods, Italian pasta like the fettuccini, bake strawberry and blue berry muffins, cook Chinese noodles and even Greek salad! Isn’t amazing?
Let cooking games pave the way for you to become an expert chef. Learn not only how to cook but also how to properly use the kitchen utensils and equipments used for cooking. This way, you get familiar of these when you cook in a real kitchen and get to impress you mom and even your dad with the delicious and palatable recipes that you learned how to cook.

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