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We All Scream for Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream

What began long ago as a simple iced concoction has now developed into one of the world's most popular types of dessert: ice cream. Whether it's the fanciest flavors from the local ice cream shops or the homemade ice cream recipes from grandma's kitchen, it seems like everyone has a favorite ice cream flavor of some sort. There are a lot of things to like about ice cream, including its soft and creamy texture and its uncanny ability to cool down a sizzling summer day. Read on to learn more about ice cream, including its history and the different types of ice cream that can be found around the world.

The history of ice cream

Though millions of people love this sweet, frozen dessert, not very many people know about its long history. What is known today as ice cream originated from the idea to combine ice and fruits. In the first century, Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire would enjoy having ice topped with fruits, honey, and nuts. During the fourth century, Greeks would top ice with honey and fruits, selling the concoctions in the markets. The addition of milk came during the seventh century. It was King Tang, who ruled Shang, China during the seventh century, who would have the earliest records of combining milk and ice for various mixtures. It was not until the 16th and 17th centuries that flavored ices, now known as sorbets, would gain fame around the world.

In the 18th century, America and England published the earliest recipes for “ice cream.” Since being introduced to America and England, many people have made contributions to how ice cream is made. Different ice cream flavors began popping-up all around the world and many countries had their own, unique version of the frozen sweet treat. The invention of refrigeration during the mid-20th century meant that ice cream and other perishable goods could be kept for longer. Refrigerators, ice boxes, and freezers served as catalysts to the ice cream market. Soon, ice cream companies and ice cream shops, also known as parlors, would become a regular site in cities around the world. Today, thousands of ice cream flavors exist and the many different desserts that ice cream is used in surely help to add to the mix of ice cream products out there.

Some types of ice cream from around the world

Gelato – The gelato is one of the world's most famous types of ice cream. This soft, frozen Italian dessert is a lot more dense and flavorful than other types of ice cream, because it has a lot less air than normal ice cream.
Mochi – Mochi is a popular ice cream dessert that comes from Japan. These desserts usually come in the form of a small sphere with ice cream in the middle, and a shell that is similar to dough in texture.
Kulfi – This ice cream dessert comes from India and Pakistan, and it is unique from other ice creams in that it is not whipped, making it much more dense and rich than other ice creams.
Sorbetes – The Philippines' own sorbetes is a light ice cream that is commonly sold by a man peddling a cart through the streets. The dessert is lovingly called “dirty ice cream”, because of the fact that the ice cream is sold from a peddle cart roaming the polluted streets. Sorbetes are normally served in a cone, but they are also eaten as filling for bread buns – quite literally an ice cream sandwich.

Greg Angeles is a huge fan of ice cream who loves to experiment in the kitchen, making homemade ice cream, trying different ice cream flavors, and coming up with his own ice cream recipes.

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