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Personalized Birthday Gifts - A Few Great Ideas

If you're like most people, every birthday is a struggle. Finding the "right" gift is surprisingly harder than it seems, as you try to strike that delicate balance between what your budget will allow and what the recipient will enjoy. Luckily, this is easier than it sounds, especially when you factor in the ever appropriate choice of a personalized gift.

These gifts can be strictly personal to the individual receiving them, by having them monogrammed, engraved or etched with their name and birth date. You can also integrate something special that you both shared, such as the date of a memorable event or a short phrase that will remind them of you.

Like any other gift, the best personalized birthday gifts are the ones that are selected with the receiver in mind. You should take into account their personal tastes and preferences, as well as momentous occasions that brought them joy. As always, the type of gift will rely heavily upon your relationship with the person.

If you have a special photograph the birthday celebrator will enjoy, consider getting a personalized photo frame. You can engrave it with the date and place the photograph was taken, so they can have a lasting, tangible way to remember the event.

For friends or relatives that have recently had a big life event, such as getting married or having a new baby, you could gift personalized stem ware. Elegant wine or champagne glasses make a very thoughtful gift, especially when they are etched with the date of the event and the names of those involved (like the bridge and groom, or the full name of the new baby).

On birthdays that you can't be there for the party, you can order personalized vases. Like stemware, these pretty glass items can be etched with a wide array of notations. These vases can be ordered with your customer note and taken to a local florist. On the recipient's birthday, ask the florist to deliver the vase, filled with a beautiful birthday bouquet.

If the birthday person has special interests, consider giving them something that is useful for their passion and is personalized to make it all the more thoughtful. For example, a friend who writes may appreciate a leather portfolio, engraved with their name, initials or even a favorite short quote. Adding these thoughtful touches to carefully selected gifts is sure to thrill the receiver.

The options for personalized birthday gifts are endless. As gift personalization becomes more popular, more gifts and gift ideas have become available through the internet, making it easier than ever to shop for that hard to buy for friend. Hopefully, these few ideas have given you a good starting place to work from when selecting the right item the next time you need to buy for a birthday event.

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