Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Gas Extinguishers You Can Count On

Fire presents a very real threat to any homeowner and gas extinguishers can protect your real estate investment by providing a reliable and efficient first defense against fire in your home. Gas extinguishers are of further value to homeowners in that they do not damage valuables while extinguishing your fire, as can water-based extinguishers.

How Gas Extinguishers Work

Inside of every gas extinguisher, a mixture of liquid and Halon (a colorless, odorless gas) is stored under extreme pressures that range up to 14 times the average atmospheric pressure. When the contents of gas extinguishers are let out into the midst of a fire, the gas expands and cools dramatically. These fire extinguishers combat flames by smothering the oxygen that is feeding the fire and by cooling down the flames themselves.

In order to extinguish a fire, you must first check to make sure that the contents of your gas extinguisher are registering in safe pressure registers. If the contents of your extinguisher are under too great or small an amount of pressure, your gas extinguisher is not safe to operate and should be exchanged for a new one. Before you extinguish a fire, you must pull the safety pin on your gas extinguisher. If you do not remove the pin, your gas extinguisher will not release any of the contents and your fire will rage on.

Many local fire departments and gas extinguisher vendors are more than willing to demonstrate the proper use of fire extinguishers, in order to prepare you to use one safely and effectively. The time to learn how to use a gas extinguisher is before a fire ever takes place, as opposed to in the heat of raging flames. Taking the time to learn in advance about the proper use of gas extinguishers can save both the lives of your family and the value of your home.

How to Purchase Gas Extinguishers

Gas extinguishers are available to the public via many competing vendors. For this reason, buyers should expect to receive excellent customer service from prospective suppliers. Be sure that the company with which you choose to do business has a proven record of accomplishment and a long list of satisfied customers that can be supplied on demand.

Vendors are available in both storefront and online venues. Internet-based companies that sell gas extinguishers sometimes offer lower prices, because web-based businesses are able to reduce many of their overhead expenses and pass those savings along to their customers. If you choose to purchase gas extinguishers online, make sure that the company is willing to extend a warrantee on their product. This will help to assure you that the company stands behind their product and assure you of its workability in the face of a real emergency.

Gas extinguishers are also available for purchase in bulk from many vendors. Business owners can take advantage of this fact by purchasing their gas extinguishers in larger volumes at lower prices. Having a large number of gas extinguishers present in any home or office can protect your real estate investment, as well as the lives of many men and women.

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