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Bridal Accessories - Wedding Garter and Tiara

Wedding Garter

If a sister or friend will soon get married, chances are you'll be hearing someone needs to buy a wedding garter. The wedding garter has become quite known for its relativity for any bride and in some cases it is considered as one of the most essential accessories of the bride. Many still believe that bride cannot walk down the aisle it, though this may sound hilarious but who would think others got upset without a garter on their leg. Wedding garters come in different colors to choose from, however many brides tend to grab the opportunity for the garter to reflect their something blue. Something blue comes from the traditional wedding rhyme: something old, something new... something borrowed, something blue... and a silver sixpence for her shoe.

Because wedding garters are often white in color, many brides tend to incorporate something blue on this accessory. Some ways could be, the bride will wear one made of blue materials, the bride will attach blue bow or gem on the white garter. The belief is, adding something blue to bride's outfit symbolized its loyalty and purity. The wedding garter has seemingly come in a long way though, from just being an ordinary item to help hold up stockings until it became a part of wedding tradition.

The throwing of the garter derived from an old English custom known as ''flinging the stocking.'' This is where the guests will invade the bridal chamber and steal the bride's stockings, then take turns flinging them. Whoever first made the stocking landed on groom's nose will be the next to marry. During the 14th century, the concept of garter had become highly honored where the bride needs to be rushed to the altar by hordes of guests competing for a prize. Today, this tradition has evolved and the groom itself is the one who will remove the garter, which are usually worn at the sexier mid-thigh level of the bride, then he will tosses it to his bachelor pals.

Wedding Tiaras

The soon-to-be bride should feel like a princess on her special day. She needs to be treated extraordinary by her guests as well as her groom. Therefore, her appeal deserves something extraordinary too. This is where her beautiful, elegant bridal dress and accessories takes place. With a tiara on her head, she'll definitely look like a princess. Since then, brides have worn tiara's on their heads during their weddings as a reflection of their inner beauty and dignity. Tiaras aren't for symbol only but it can also makes the bride look more elegant and sophisticated as she walks down the aisle. So many believe that bridal ensemble is incomplete without a tiara.

The most common tiaras that many brides prefer are regular crowned-shape ones. But there are plenty of varieties for tiaras that are widely available. Some are made with gold and diamonds, some are just simple silver-made and others include semi precious stone on them. Also, there are simple single row tiaras which look like a hair band and some of them comes with unusual shapes.

Other bridal accessories include the wedding veils, gloves, wedding gowns and dresses, and of course the wedding ring. These all come with different meanings in a wedding tradition.

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