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Office Moving or Relocating Office - Useful Tips

In a rapidly changing business world, office moving from one facility to another is a situation most business owners will definitely face. If you think moving out or into an office are hard - you're wrong - it's almost impossible!
Office moving is unique and requires a high level of knowledge and experience to arrange and complete. The relocation has to be handled with immense responsibility as the process may disturb the regular productivity and workflow.

The entire office moving or relocation process requires careful planning and includes various basic activities to be arranged to assure a smooth execution. Office relocation needs customized moving services with specialized equipment. Corporate relocation is preplanned with professional expertise to handle office equipment like computers, furniture, fixtures and others. Here’s few important Relocating Office Tips that will surely enhance your chances of a successful move. Benefit from these tips and make a successful office move-

•Go for movers specifically specialized and experienced in corporate relocation. Never mistake a corporate mover with a household mover
•Plan every thing well in advance so that relocation process does not disrupt the routine or business of the corporate customers. Try to finish the whole process as soon as possible (can finish it over a weekend too). You can’t wait too long for shifting as for every minute it takes you to move your business, valuable time and money is lost.
•Often it is good to prepare an Office Moving Guide and include all information about the new office and pass it on to all who are connected with the corporation. It should include the location map of the new office, blue print of the whole office, employees seating position etc.
•Contacts play an important role in any corporation's growth and help to sustain. So make sure you do not lose any contact. Also inform the postal department about the change in address so that all your mails will be redirected.
•Label every item like desk, chair, book cases or electronic equipments along with their location to be placed at. This would enable you to manage everything bit easily and quickly. For instance an employee must be using a table and needs the same in the new location it will be easy to fix it for him if marked.
•While moving technological machines it is always good to hire a professional to unfix and fix.
•Move personal or valuable items privately. Things like legal papers, security documents, cash or other valuables should be kept under your control and should be moved privately. These cannot be left at any moving companies authority since they promise no responsibility of such articles.
•Few people among your staff should be authorized to move with the mover and ensure that the packing, unpacking and rearranging is also supervised.
•Before and after moving inform those people who need to be informed.
•Make sure that everything is clear with everyone involved in the move through proper communication. Lack of communication may lead to an improper office move.
•Avoid any sort of delays as there are so many interrelated steps to a move that any one delay can influence many other aspects. The point person on the move needs to coordinate communication between moving services, building management for both old and new locations, contractors, vendors, employees, and management.
•Cut out the staff. Consider moving on a weekend when the office is empty — or else give employees the day off. They can't help, they won't get any work done, and they're at risk of being hurt by unsecured equipment.
•Start early. Reliable moving services can provide invaluable help in planning and executing your move. Choosing a moving service several months before your actual move gives you the best chance to benefit from their expertise. It's also recommended that you set your move time as early in the day as possible to account for likely delays.
•Check the calendar. Because moving services get much busier near the end of the month, you can sometimes save money by scheduling your move towards the middle of the month
•Make your move as cost effective as you can since relocating the entire office involves lot of other expenditure. Take the measurements of the new place in order to make your old furniture fix at the new place. Make a rough layout of your office pointing the location of furniture, plants or other accessories.
•If hiring any professionals for arranging your office, make sure that you stay with the same company till end. Explain them everything in detail about the shape you want your office to be in.
•Provide every employee of yours with the brief guide describing the steps they need to follow during and after move.
•Vacant all desks, shelves, bookcases and drawers of all materials and place them in safe cartons.
•Cabinets can be moved as it is without emptying them but make sure that they are properly locked.
•Moving of electronic machinery should be done with proper care. Make sure that you dismantle them properly and keep their parts and small screws in place.
•Water dispensers must be wiped off and made sure that it does not contain any water.
•Vending machines must be emptied before relocating.
•Computers must be dismantled and rearranged with the help of a professional.
•If you are making a move of any hired equipments then always inform the owner prior to its move.

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