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Crazy Ways To Enlarge Your Breasts

Dismayed by small breasts? Distressed at their shape and size? Looking for a way to make them bigger and better? Then look no further for I have traveled far and wide throughout the four corners of the internet to bring you this exclusive list of natural breast enlargers for your reading pleasure.

The featured products here have many things in common. They don't require expensive injections or complicated surgery. They are safe and generally have no side effects. They are easy to follow and can be used anytime anywhere. There's a 99 percent chance that they won't work though but who cares about statistics when these products are guaranteed to put a smile on you face!

So come one and all! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, presenting the greatest show on earth! Gather round as I unveil the latest trends in natural breast enhancement that are too good to be true. And remember you read it first here!

In you happen to be lost in Bulgaria, go to the nearest pub and order a keg of their famous breast-boosting beer. European men are reportedly crazy about Boza which they bring home to their wives and girlfriends because of its alleged breast enhancing abilities. The millet ale is made from fermented wheat flour and yeast.

"I've bought a case for my wife to try out. I really hope to see an improvement," said Constantin Barbu, a customer who came all the way from Romania.

"I have heard of Boza but it was so expensive before. Now that the taxes are gone I'm going to start offering the drink to my customers," added Klaus Schmidt of Austria who owns a ski resort in Schladming.

Still a minor and can't drink beer? Here's the next best thing. The Wine Rack is a stealth beverage system that allows you to carry your favorite drink in your bra. This ingenious device can turn your A cup into a double D (depending on how much beverage you can carry) and allows you to share your drink with family or friends.

"This is probably the smartest thing I have heard of in my life for a woman trying to catch a man's attention. The Wine Rack allows you to store your beer or wine in a bra-type undergarment. Get lots of male attention for your gorgeous engorged rack and offer any fellow you are keen on a nice beverage too," said one reviewer in InventorSpot.com.

For the coach potato who can't leave the TV set, I have the perfect companion: F-Cup cookies. These Japanese treats will supposedly turn your breast size to an F cup when consumed regularly. All it takes, we are told, are two cookies a day.

The cookies are said to be loaded with plant estrogens that magically increase breast size. Although the amount of cookies to be consumed to achieve results is not given, it's somehow comforting to know that the fat you gain from eating all those cookies will probably make its way to your breasts - not your belly or butt.

If you've tried everything and are looking for results, switch to the Clevastin Natural Breast Enlargement System. This product contains a unique herbal blend of phytoestrogens that stimulates the mammary glands and promotes the development of breast tissue. For details, go to http://www.clevastin.com.

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