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Home Security Alarm System - Protect Your Home and Family

Installation of a home security alarm system, with monitoring, is the best protection you can buy to cut down the likelihood of your home being burgled. The best system to have is the type which has two way voice telephone communication. When an intruder enters your home and is detected by the alarm he will immediately hear a voice calling on him to identify himself, and informing him that the authorities have been notified, and are on their way to the home.This in nearly all cases is enough to cause the burglar to make a hasty exit, before the arrival of the police. A professional criminal may know that he has a few minutes to grab some valuables then exit quickly, but he will not have time to search the house.

There are two common types of alarm system. First, the hard wired system which has wired connections to all of the entry sensors and keypads. Second, and of more recent development, is the wireless alarm system which of course has no wires, and depends on radio signals from the sensors to a central receiver. More and more wireless systems are being installed these days, since their installation is much simpler, and less costly. A wired system requires walls and floors to be opened up for installation of the cables. The openings then have to be closed and properly repaired at considerable expense. The wireless system on the other hand requires no cables in walls and floors. Sensors are simply installed on the required entry areas and a central radio receiver is placed where it will pick up the transmitted signals. This requires a lot less labor to install and even an amateur can do the work, simply by following instructions. This has made it possible for the home owner to install an alarm system himself without the aid of a professional installer.

The fact that the home has an alarm system is enough to cause most criminals to move on to an easier target. Signs by all doors and decals on windows, to warn possible intruders that the home is equipped with a system, are a very good deterrent. In fact the signs themselves, even with no alarm installed, afford considerable protection.

Property crime is on the upswing as unemployment figures rise. This makes it a wise decision to protect your possessions and your family members with a good home burglar alarm.

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