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Auto Shipping - My Bags Are Packed But How Do I Ship My Vehicle?

"How much will it cost to ship my car"? That is a question that is asked thousands of times each day by dealers, wholesalers, collectors and people moving all around the United States. Cost is always a consideration when moving something as important as your transportation. However, it may not be the MOST important question a person might want to ask.

Many times, people deal with car transportation brokers, that is, companies or groups that operate no trucks of their own. These 'vehicle transporters' take an order to move a vehicle, hold on to a percentage of what they have charged and then broker the vehicle out on load boards that are posted online and visible to car haulers that have trucks operating and moving around the country. If the price has been quoted or negotiated too low, it becomes unattractive to auto transporters and the vehicle may sit awaiting transport for a long, uncomfortable time. So, an important question to ask yourself is, 'what is a reasonable price to move this vehicle.' Cheapest may certainly not be best.

Another thing to consider is insurance coverage on the vehicle and its contents should something unforeseen occur during transport. Accidents do happen and you don't want to be on the unprotected side if one happens with your vehicle. Important questions to ask are 'what kind of coverage is provided in case of damage or loss of the vehicle' AND 'if this vehicle is to be brokered out to another auto carrier, can I get a copy of their insurance certificate?' Always try and get a copy of the carrier's insurance certificate showing YOU as certificate holder. This way, if something unfortunate happens, you can file a claim on your own directly to the insurance company.

One more thing to think about is the quality and reputation of the auto transportation company. If you are not involved daily in the vehicle transportation business, you really have no idea about the companies that are. Ask around. Go to a car dealer that ships vehicles regularly and ask them who they use for car transport. Go online, look at reviews and get as much information as possible before you start calling for bids. There are places like safersys.org where you can look at a company's safety profile. This website is operated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association and can be a valuable resource when trying to find a company to transport your automobile.

So, when you are looking at trying to find someone to 'ship my car,' there are several things to consider other than who can do it the cheapest. Do your homework and find a transporter that will take pride in moving your 'baby' to its new home.

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