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Wedding Band - Wedding Reception Advice

The following is based on our years of experience as a wedding band playing in Hampshire and surrounding counties. Not all of it is music related; we just want to make sure that your wedding reception is the best that it can be and your wedding band give you the best service possible.

Dance Floor - I know this might sound obvious, but make sure that the dance floor is big enough. Good live music gets everyone on their feet and it can become dangerous when people are dancing close to table on the edge of the dance floor, simply because there isn't enough room.

Bar - Don't have the bar in a separate room from the reception. When the Bar is located outside the room that the dance floor is in, guests tend to get a drink and hang around the bar talking so eventually half the party ends up out at the bar and the dance floor loses its energy.

Karaoke - Be careful about inviting family or other guests onto the stage to sing! Speak to the band in advance of the event if you really want to do this. A lot of bands are reluctant to let guests play their instruments; they are very expensive and people at wedding receptions often get carried away after a little too much amber nectar!

Energy - If the dance floor is rocking, don't suddenly decided to stop everything for a wedding photo or a quick announcement; to get that same energy back will be exceedingly difficult.

The Wedding Dinner - A good wedding band will play lively, energetic music whilst the guests are being seated. The first course can take a little while to arrive so the band usually keeps going but are well trained and will often 'soften' the music when the food starts to arrive at the tables. It is worthwhile, however, that the band plays lively dance music in between course, just to keep everyone awake and excited about the dancing to come!

Wedding Guest Arrival - Have the wedding band playing as your guests arrive; it will set the scene, break the ice, and build anticipation and excitement about the dancing that is to come.

Interrupting The Band - The band are very experienced at what they do so it isn't a good idea to keep interrupting them with special requests for music or to make announcements. It really can kill the energy of the dance floor and this will influence everyone's memories of the day. It is best to make a plan with the band well in advance of your wedding reception and then try and stick to the plan as much as you can.

Choosing Your Song List - The band will know what songs work well together and in a particular sequence to get everyone having fun; go with their advice but you can always request your favourite tracks in advance. You can also put together a short list of songs you do not want played, so the band knows to avoid playing these songs.

Last Dance - Very often you, and the rest of your wedding party, will get carried away and not realise how quickly time is passing by. Make sure that the best man or somebody else nominated for this particular task keeps talking to the band and making sure that things go to plan. When the bride and groom are about to leave, give the band a little bit of notice so that they can prepare for their departure.

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