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Makeup Application That Can Bring Out the Best in Your Eyes

Different people have different seeing abilities. Some have 20/20 vision; therefore, they can see clearly and normally. On the other hand, other people may be able to see only from afar or only at times when things are very close. These two little pair of eyes connected to our brain, ensures our vital functioning. Without it, we cannot see what we are doing. We will not be able to identify people, colors or even places. People who do not have sight have a hard time doing things as normal people do.

Aside from the physiologic importance of eyes, it also has an important role in making women beautiful. Yes, aside from the fact that the eyes are considered the window to our soul, it can contribute much too physical beauty that we always want. People wear contact lens with various colors in the hope that they can do away with glasses and enhance their looks with the colors of the lens. Some have their eyelashes curled to widen the eyes. However, the most basic method to enhance eye beauty is the use of makeup.

With the use of these items, your eyes are shaped, enhanced, changed and liven up to reflect your personality and bring out your physical beauty. There are various ways to apply it and different styles can bring out the best in your eyes, no matter what occasion you will be attending or whether it is just an ordinary day. Check out below and try out these styles.

Smokey eyes- To do this makes you look very diva like. The color applied in here should be a mix of dark and light tones. The base should be a little bit darker than your skin tone but shimmers and contour colors should be darker than the base or could have a matter effect. Eyes are lined with a pencil; eyes are made strong with the use of black mascara; and eyebrows are well defined.

Cat eyes- This helps you create a dramatic effect on your looks. One needs to have a steady hand while applying the eyeliner because this is your key to making this look work. After putting the eye shadow, all you have to do is to start lining your tip of your eyelids with the eyeliner (whether liquid or pencil). You can even extend it a bit making the tip slanted upwards. Now you can enjoy an Angelina Jolie look.

Natural Looking- This makeup application is perfect for ordinary days like going to work or a day in the mall. Colors are earthy or mostly natural tones. The end result makes you look fresh looking and your eyes brightens up as if you have gotten enough sleep. In addition, you appear well rested and glowing.

If you want more to add more beauty to your eyes, you can experiment on these styles and see which one will work for you. Of course, there are other designs but you can enjoy these styles just as you see in the magazine. They are also not hard to do.

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