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Personalized Jewelry and Gifts Guaranteed to Delight

When you give a gift truly personalized to the recipient, you say something very important. You communicate that the recipient is someone who is important enough to warrant going the "extra mile" in selecting something special. As times grow evermore hectic and harried, it is difficult to find the time to shop and find the perfect gift.

Personalized jewelry is an obvious choice, especially if you're giving a gift to a loved one. Your imagination is the only limit on the wide variety of personalized jewelry items available. Personalized rings, bracelets, rings and pendants are all options if you're looking for something to make individual to the recipient. Classic examples of personalized jewelry include monogrammed pieces as well as items bearing initials and names. Thinking creatively, though, you can go even further. Engraving phrases or poems with personal meaning is one idea. Giving a necklace with charms corresponding to the number of children or grandchildren a woman has is another idea.

With the advent of the Internet, plenty of unique options exist for less intimate personalized gifts. For the child that loves to read, perhaps you choose a personalized book or game. It's even possible to purchase CDs with songs sung with the child's name. The point is that creative minds all over have come up with amazing ways to personalize gifts in unique and wonderful ways.

For the man in your life, personalized gifts are available as well. Of course, the monogrammed ring is a classic favorite, so don't assume personalized jewelry is restricted to women. However, if the man is not the jewelry type, many other options exist. Personalizing golf clubs, mounting sports equipment, or engraving a watchband are all possibilities.

It takes some thinking to determine the things that are most important to an individual. Identifying hobbies, pursuits and passions of your recipient is the key to understanding the best gift and method of personalization. Don't rule out experiences personalized to the individual. Many restaurants and destinations have means by which they can offer a personalized experience to an individual.

Giving a gift with a degree of personalization, such as personalized jewelry, says to the recipient that you care enough to take the time to select something special. Everyone struggles to find time to fit it all in. By selecting something individualized, it shows a special level of care. The gift recipient will feel like the gift was selected with them particularly in mind.

Amy Carrington is a fashion maven and an editor at Sorella creates personalized fine jewelry with the names, words, dates and Chinese symbols that matter to you. Sorella pieces make for treasured and truly unique personalized gifts.

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