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Selecting the Catering Service For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is centered on a wonderful time in your life that marks the start of a life long partnership between you and your spouse. Planning some aspects of the wedding ceremony and reception can be stressful and frustrating. Why should choosing the food your guests eat be equally as stressful? Follow these tips on finding the right caterer for your wedding reception to ensure that everyone is served great food at a price within your budget.

The first thing to do when researching your food options is to contact the many different catering companies. Be prepared to speak with the different company representatives and clearly explain the type of food you want served and ask any questions that you may have. Take notes, if needed, so you can compare each company to each other to narrow down your list of choices. This way, you won't be confused about which company offered a certain service or quoted a certain price.

Be sure to ask important questions that you'll need to know so you can adequately plan your reception. Will the catering company charge you a price based on the estimated number of guests? Almost all caterers will need to know a final count of attendees a few days before the event to ensure they have enough food to serve - as well as to make sure they don't prepare too much food that will have to be thrown out.

Are you planning on having the catering waitstaff serve your guests, or are you planning a buffet style reception? Some catering services will allow you to have either, but using a waitstaff will cost more money. Find out any additional charges that come with different service options before you decide on one.

Be sure to find out who is responsible for the set up and clean up of the tables, chairs and linens. Some catering companies offer this service, while others just prepare and serve food. You may need to rent tables, chairs and other dining essentials from a separate company. Find out what the caterer can provide and any additional costs associated the set up and clean up service.

Are you getting your wedding cake from the caterer? Is it included in the package price? If another company is providing the cake, will the caterer cut and plate it for the guests? Will they serve it? Will coffee or dessert beverages also need to be served? These are important questions that are sometimes overlooked. It is important to iron out these small details beforehand to eliminate any confusion the day of the event.

Once you've narrowed down your choices to a few catering services, set up a tasting to be certain that the most important part - the food - is perfect. Great food, along with fun, will make your wedding reception unforgettable.

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