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What is Trash the Dress Wedding Videography?

As fearless brides worldwide are donning their wedding gowns for a second time to create these edgy productions many are left wondering exactly what Trash the Dress wedding videography is all about. Usually filmed a few days after the wedding, these Trash the Dress video shoots are shot like a music video and allow for a much more relaxed atmosphere. The newlyweds can express their true personalities while the photographer and videographer can use their true artistry without the shackles of traditional wedding videography.

Trash the Dress sessions accentuate the striking contrast between the traditional wedding gown and the unlikely location of the bride. Couples usually select locations and settings which reflect their individual interests and lifestyles allowing for a truly personal and artistic creation. Favorite locations range from the beach and ocean to industrial downtown factories and deserted railroad tracks.

Brides are no longer satisfied with the traditional wedding videos that their mothers had. They are looking for the creative options that Trash the Dress packages allow. Most brides have no plans to wear their dress again and store their boxed dresses in a closet hoping that their future daughters will wear them. The memories that these photo and video shoots create seem to greatly outweigh the risk of damaging the gown.

Unlike the name suggests, most dresses are usually not destroyed and show no more signs of distress than the wear and tear generated at a typical wedding reception. Nothing that a trip to the local dry cleaner can not correct!

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