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The Argument for Orchard Bank Credit Cards

Orchard Bank and its credit cards are a subsidiary of HSBC finance, so right off the bat, you know you're in good hands. Orchard Bank credit cards offer the best in interest rates and personal finance control, so that it's difficult to imagine a higher quality card for the beginning credit consumer, the experienced vet, or the indecisive on-the-fencer. Whether you're looking for a good interest rate, a flexible payment plan, or a customized card design, you'll find it with Orchard Bank credit cards.

Low Fees

One of the primary reasons many consumers are attracted to Orchard Bank are their lack of substantial fees. Some credit card companies will drain your account with fees before you even get off the ground. Not so with Orchard Bank. Depending on your personal credit report, you could qualify for a card with no fees attached whatsoever. That means free transactions, free credit limit checks, and free balance transfers. Even if your credit report is spotty, if approved, you can be sure that you won't be bled dry by consistent and neverending fees.

Competitive Interest Rates

Orchard Bank has always been known for their low, competitive interest rates. If you are coming to Orchard Bank with a decent credit profile, you can probably get a credit card with an interest rate much lower than what you may have been paying in the past. Rewards such as frequent flier miles are few, but the lack of these gifts is made up for with consistent and fair rates.

No Liability For Unauthorized Charges

One of the biggest threats to the consumer today in credit card fraud and identity theft. Orchard Bank has a zero liability policy, meaning that if someone gets your credit card and goes on a shopping spree, you will not be held responsible for the money. This service and policy is invaluable. Credit cards can become lost or stolen, and the consumer, in less beneficial situations, can wind up owing the credit card company for the amount of the fraudulent charges. Not so with Orchard Bank which puts them one step ahead in the fight against consumer fraud.

Customer Service That Cares

In today's busy working world, it can be difficult to find a financial institution that gives you the personal, 24 hour care you can find with Orchard Bank credit cards. If you lose your credit card in the middle of the night, they have a help line you can call and get everything squared away. The importance of this round the clock service cannot be overstated, as anyone who has been told to call back duri9ng business hours knows. Sometimes, business cannot wait until 9:00 in the morning. Orchard Bank seems to understand this, and for that reason you will never be left in the dark.

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