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Rose Colors & Their Meanings

"Say it with Flowers" that old phrase from a well known florist advertisement must have had roses in mind when they came up with their slogan. While every kind and color of flower has it's own special meaning roses seem to get their message across the best.

Different colored roses should be given on different occasions as each color has a different significant meaning.


We all know that red roses mean love. They also signify courage, respect, and signify a job well done. Therefore it is not only proper to give red roses to someone you love, but you can also send a dozen red roses as a thank you to someone who has done an excellent job for you to show your appreciation. Make sure you reserve a single red rose for that special someone in your life as it means "I love you."


White roses are the most common roses used for weddings and for good reason. White signifies purity, innocence, and youthfulness. White and red roses combined signals unity and are therefore an excellent choice for a bridal bouquet or an anniversary gift.


Pink roses stand for appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, and admiration. They are the perfect choice for a daughters 16th birthday signifying your wish for a happy life for them. They are also a nice gift to present to a teacher to show your appreciation for them.


In Victorian times a yellow rose signified jealousy. Today this bright sunshine color means, joy, gladness, friendship, delight, and welcome back. Yellow roses are the perfect gift to send to a new mother, a friend, or a relative who has just returned home from a long trip.

Yellow with a Red Tip

While this color of rose signifies friendship it can also mean falling in love. It is the perfect flower to present with an engagement ring, or a way of telling that special someone that you want to move forward in your relationship.


These beautiful bright roses are the epitome of enthusiasm and desire. What a nice flower to have placed in a honeymoon suite or to give when you are planning that romantic evening with that special someone you love.


The peach color rose sends the message "Let's get together." It is the perfect flower to send a friend of either sex with a lunch or dinner invitation.


These beautiful flowers are the color of enchantment and often signify love at first sight. What a perfect flower to send to that special someone you met at a party to let them know that they have captivated you.

Flowers, especially roses are always a welcome gift and brightens the day and the hearts of those who receive them. Using roses and their meanings to send just the right message to friends, employers, employees, and loved ones is an ideal way to tell just how much they mean to you. Look for roses at your local florist shop, or you can also order flowers on line.

Roses with their many meanings can convey all those things your heart wishes to say.

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