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Think Valentines Day and You Think Chocolate!

Chocolate is considered one of the most popular sweet treats and is always in demand world wide! The history of chocolate goes back to the 1500's and the rainforest regions of Central America. The Spanish took the secret of this bean back to Spain. When Europe got a hold of this delicious tasty item it rapidly spread throughout Europe. France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands latched onto this sweet thing in no time flat.

The first chocolate factory opened in America dates back to 1765. This was just the first of many to quickly follow. Chocolate is now a standard gift item presented as gifts to friends and family for special events. You have to admit you can't think of Valentines Day without picturing a big red foil heart shaped box stuff full of different gooey rich chocolates.

As time passes, things change. The face of Valentine chocolate has advanced in leaps and bounds. We have gone away from the traditional look of the heart shaped box and now have a unique collection of Valentines Gift baskets to present as gifts. Moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary these collections are humorous, fun and very clever and creative.

Valentine chocolate made up in the shape of a cake or bouquet of flowers or perhaps a variety presented in festive containers complete with an adorable cuddly teddy bear. Not only are you giving an attractive gift but there are certainly benefits to chocolate. This sweet little substance can offer instant energy, boosts your heart rate, it has a chemical component that can relieve pain, boost brain activity and the serotonin will enhance you mood. It also tastes awesome in pretty much any form it's delivered!

For a friend, a family member or a loved one presenting them with one of the many valentines gift baskets packed with this wonderful gourmet treat you will have made someone very happy. Each and every morsel they nibble on will make them happier and happier and they will have you to thank. With any luck they may share so you get to sample the gift.

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