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Year of the Tiger 2010

The Chinese New Year is on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010. It is the year of the golden tiger which symbolizes the Yin female energy. The dragon, which symbolizes the Yang male energy, turns its outer strength inward this year to support the Yin energy with its heart vision of love. The East and West are united by love this year.

It is not just a year for those born in the Year of the Tiger, it's a time for all to embrace its wonderful gifts. Many say the tiger most equates to the Zodiac sign Aquarius; so this year, the East and West merge together.

Tigers, like Aquarians, pride themselves on being different from others. They have a unique way of looking at things. They are original. Aquarius's message is freedom and the tiger's message is courage. It takes incredible courage to live a life of freedom and only a free person can truly love. Someone that is imprisoned or trapped must follow what his jailer dictates, which is not love but control.

The tiger, symbol of Yin or love energy is not up in the sky like the dragon; but on Earth, walking through the jungle of life with great courage. The tiger invokes in you the courage to live a life of love this year. Solving problems of the heart is its pursuit, its hunt.

Begin with your home. See if it is original, representing who you believe you are inside. As the tiger is always the symbol for Yin energy, not just this year; you can look at your home, your clothing and see how much of it already has the tiger represented.

It isn't coincidental that; as the feminine energy is growing stronger every year and will continue until the pendulum fully swings beginning on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, that many of you are already responding to decorating your homes with animal prints, fabrics and clothing. Courage, the gift of the tiger, has been activated in you at an unconscious level for some time now.

It does take courage to live a life of love, especially emotional courage, speaking about matters of the heart. There's a progression to the heart which most often begins with your hurts. You need to talk about these hurts, express them so you can look at how to resolve them. Otherwise, you will revert to the extreme of your Yang side, your overly strong male, become tough, blame and try to get even or hurt others.

You want to connect, through love, with both yourself and those ever so meaningful persons in your life. Often, that takes emptying out those hurts; so go for it this year. The tiger will walk beside you through your own jungle and lead you to love.

Professionally, are you living a life of love? Does the way you are earning your money call to your heart? If not, you've trapped yourself which is not going to make your heart sing. Your uniqueness, originality and your way of serving, which is really love in action, is calling to you.

Let the golden tiger lead the way. It never gives up, no matter how frustrated it becomes, along its journey.

In the new year there is now a regular on the popular modern society do traditionally red packets are also handed out to younger generation by their parents, grand parents, relatives, and even close neighbors and friends during Imlek. Nowadays giving red packets as a bonus at the year-end by employers becomes popular and Imlek parcel is also a tradition of giving to business associates or relatives.

Giving Imlek parcel to employees prior to the New Year is also a good idea. This can be either a gift or a bonus. If it is as a gift, the money should be just right for a gift. If as a bonus, you may enclose a check in the parcel gift and hand it out in an office.

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