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Best Way to Choose the Right Business Partnership Or Recruiting a New Employee

Joint business partnership has always been a good and productive idea for combining two or more people's strength to brain storming, need of sharing the cost of business start up expenses and reducing the risk. Or if you are an employer who is looking for an assistant? In general, choosing the right person to work together as your business partnership or as an assistant is very important and this is the first thing to consider even before moving on to the plan or brainstorming.

Working with a wrong business partner or choosing a 'wrong' employee will not only severe your business but it can also cause a permanent break in your relationship (e.g. husband and wife team) or friendship with your partners as well as hurting your family's rice bowl. Donald Trump and Evana Trump is the best couple example on husband and wife working team. Part of their marriage failure is also related to their business partnership.

Some people can make good friends or best friends in personal level but these does not necessary mean he/she could be your best business partner or an assistant. Not just because of the other party is interested in partnering with you or you are interested to work with him/her does not necessary make both of you the best partners. You will need to consider some qualities of that person you plan to work with. Running a business family with your family members must not be excluded to consider those essential qualities as well.

Characteristics of a person play an important roll to determine the success of the business. Most importantly, some few essential points to consider are: communications, trust, sharing of responsibilities, types of business both of you agreed to venture, honesty and expectation on financial returns. But how do we know if we have chosen the right partner or not? You may probably have read hundred of books on tips on "How to get along with your Business partners?" or "Am I working with the right Boss?" or "How to save your joint-venture Business Partnership?" etc.

By using a simple numerology calculation, you can find out the 'true color' of the person. It will also help you to understand and study more in depth in the characteristics of an individual. Numerology can help you to determine whom you can work together or get along with the other party. The answer will tell you roughly the succession of this business partnership by simply compare your Life Path and your potential partner's Life Path.

Each of us is somehow influence by a certain vibration of a number. Numerology can also advise you some prevention you'll need to be caution and also your weakness that you might have overlooked without realizing it subconsciously. Life Path can be calculated by adding up the total numbers of birth date, month and year.

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