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Symbolizes Year of Tiger - Chinese New year 2010

The chinese new year calendar is celebrated for about fifteen days is one moment in the year. On this very special day the whole nation join hands and feel united to celebrate the coming happiness and the farewell of going year. The Chinese New Year gets recognized by the chinese new year calendar. In other words Chinese New Year calendar is also called as the Lunar New Year. As every one knows the significance of this day the working people in china can take weeks of holidays so that they can enjoy this day by grand celebration with there families and there near ones by some get together. Although with the changing times the celebration way of this New Year day is getting a bit changed but as everybody still very fervently follows all the customs that their elders have taught them. It is often called the Lunar New Year by people in mainland China and Taiwan. Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivity in the Lunar Calendar.

The origin of Chinese New Year is centuries old and gains significance because of several myths and traditions. Ancient chinese new year is a reflection on how the people behaved and what they believed in the most. The New Year is the year of tiger as the religious myths says. It is also said that those who have born on this day have the nature of acceptance, broadminded and daring in nature. The New Year celebration includes the traditional dance form of china that is dragon dance performed by the people. On this day every one forgets the grudges there hearts and meet all the peoples whom they love.

The "Nian Gao" is New Year Cake which is specially made for this day with flour and eggs. It is said that as large as the cake the year would me more prosperous. This day have importance in every ones life as many made resolutions and follow them. At some places there are parties which are organized. It is the most remarkable day as the clock touches the 12:00 the day of New Year starts with the smile on every ones face and with lots of wishes. For people in china it is also known as ji-chou year. Here jji is the sixth of the ten Celestial steam and the yin is the third of two twelve territories branches and marks the year of tiger.

The Chinese calendar is based on the combination of lunar and solar movement. The lunar cycle is about of 29.5 days. It is also that the Chinese calendar and lunar calendar shows the different year for the New Year so as to match up both the Chinese calendar are inserted extra months that is seven years out of 19 year cycle. the track of the new moon changes from year to year that is why Chinese New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February.

All the people who have something special set for the day are ready to work on that. Like some have planes for engagements and some to start new work. The new year of china is the most amazing time to watch as every street is decorated with lots of flowers and lost of lights. It’s like new life in return of old days. The tiger in 2010is for any recent setbacks or obstacles can be overcome and is to look forward to a year in which there is a real shine either personally or professionally. People have many expectations from this year and look forward to make it the most of it. The next day of Chinese new year is special for the married daughters as they have opportunity to visit their parents because traditionally daughters who are married are not allowed to visit there parents frequently. In short note the Chinese New Year is a symbol of happiness and joy for every people and the live this moment at the fullest.

In the new year there is now a regular on the popular modern society do. Traditionally red packets are also handed out to younger generation by their parents, grand parents, relatives, and even close neighbors and friends during Chinese New Year. Nowadays giving red packets as a bonus at the year-end by employers becomes popular and Chinese new year parcel is also a tradition of giving to business associates or relatives.

Giving Chinese new year parcel to employees prior to the New Year is also a good idea. This can be either a gift or a bonus. If it is as a gift, the money should be just right for a gift. If as a bonus, you may enclose a check in the parcel gift and hand it out in an office.

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