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Bridal Hair in a Red Roses Tucked

Perhaps you have a treasured vintage gold lamé ballgown tucked away that belonged to your grandmother... pair it with a bouquet of deep, velvety red roses and really WOW your guests. Style your hair in a stunning vintage updo secured with a pair of gold-dusted LongLocks MajeStix. The general theme of the wedding is red/white with roses, my dress will be white with red roses around the neckline.
This beautiful rose was handmade from velvet-like polycotton fabric. The beaded center has pearl-like stamens that add a beautiful accent to the flower. Perfect for Spring! This design is one-of-a-kind! The flower is about 5 inches in diameter.

We'll be happy to do any custom orders for you upon contact with details. This would be a perfect accessory to wear on a night out on town or on that special occasion you have comming up. A beautiful bridal piece to wear in your hair or on your gown. Will make a great gift!

This unique and captivating pin will remind you of these wonderful moments of discovery. Let yourself be drawn into the mysterious, bright crystal stones that form the delicate flower. This beautiful wild rose broach makes the perfect hair adornment. The silvery white finish goes with any white or off-white gown and will complement most silver jewelry. The center stone is a brilliant, hand-faceted leaded glass crystal. The facets and the leaded glass make the stone sparkle just like a real diamond. This decoration measures about 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter. See the number 5000P for the Pearl version of this spectacular pin.

The hair also can also be determining factor prom dress hairstyle. In some cases, if one is already light haired and the dress is darker, it could be very complementing if she has even light highlights contributing so that the dress appears even more attractive. In this manner, it is even possible for just lightening the hair. In some of the cases the prom dress hairstyle requires that she should change her regular look in order that achieves an attention grabbing the entire appearance. This can be achieved giving straight hairs a perm or some nice waves, for instance.

Glamour is definitely backbone of prom night! And every year, there are dozens of looks to choose from. When it is all about makeup, hairstyle goes with other makeup of the face. Here, one thing is to be followed: keep it simple. Anyone wants to look special (perhaps, even dramatic!!!) but here, she got to be careful not to give up that simple and neat look.

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