Senin, 15 Februari 2010

Get Your Financial Services Website Ready For the Search Engines

Although Finance Services is very competitive online, there are still opportunities to move your business to the front page of the search engines. The key to success is to narrow your focus and compete aggressively for targeted "long tail terms". We'll discuss 3 Easy Strategies to quickly get you ranking for profitable terms:

· Go Local

Incredibly, many businesses still are trying to compete for broad and general terms leaving local keyphrases uncontested. If you are looking for local financial services clients then optimize your website for terms that include your city or state name. Your web page title and description are great spots to put geographical terms.

· Focus on a Niche Service

Look at your service mix and focus on optimizing your website for specialized services. Instead of competing for 401K, try competing for "New Job 401K", or "401K Transfer". If you have trouble deciding on which service to focus on then select the "entry" service that is a good introduction to your overall service mix.

· Simplify Your Site:

Many finance services sites are a hodge-podge of services without clear focus. As a result, the search engines are confused and rank the website poorly. Take a look at your site and search for opportunities to focus its content around a single theme. Simplifying your site's navigation makes it easier for search engines to understand how to rank your website.

The Search Engine game is tough but it's hard to ignore the free traffic potential offered by the search engines. The key to winning the search game is picking the right keyword battles.

Look for opportunities to compete for terms that are overlooked by your competition. Rely on specific keyphrases that describe your services but have low competition online. In the end, a patient and focused strategy is the best way to steadily move your rankings up.

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